Mission: The Odyssey Class/Walkthrough

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Scan satellites[edit | edit source]

The Odyssey has a low turn rate. Diverting all energy to engines allows the ship to make full stop at the satellites.

Destroy Borg target group[edit | edit source]

Keep all power on engines to turn towards the Borg. When in weapons range, redirect power to weapons. The Borg neither maneuver nor defends themselves, although their shields are online.

Defeat Klingon intruders[edit | edit source]

A single Klingon dreadnought arrives at Mars. It is outside weapons range and does not attack until the player comes within 10 km. Divert powers to weapons. Early in the battle, two Typhoon Class Battleships and a Galaxy Dreadnought come to aid. The KDF dreadnought will focues its fire on these. When its hull integrity is between 30% and 20%, it ceases fire and warps away.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Upon humiliating the Klingon Empire, the player can return to Earth. N.B.: Place the bridge officers at the stations they occupied before flying the Odyssey. This will return the power tray to its pre-The Odyssey Class mission-state.