Mission: The Kuvah'Magh/Walkthrough

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Strategy Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Pirate Radio Blockade Destruction has many Raider Fighter attackers. Be prepared with shields. All are very weak and only require minimal damage to destroy. Destroy the fighters first, then attack the corvettes.
The "Cut the Correct Wires" mini-game
  • Defuse Klingon Spatial Charges happens in a very large field. Miral Paris will follow you and assist fighting. There are multiple Brute attackers who are holding people hostage. The charges look like two brown cylinders and are placed at a wide range across the hill but not generally near colonists (some of whom you can heal if you want to achieve the Accolade). Also they are normaly near Klingon groups so check your map for Orions and Klingons. They can sometimes be hidden behind buildings. Paris cannot die; if you should lose her, she automatically finds you by the time you defuse the charge at the embassy.