Mission: The House Always Wins/Walkthrough

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Forcas III[edit | edit source]

Intruder in the Dust[edit | edit source]

Go to Forcas III[edit | edit source]

Travel to the Forcas system and beam down to Forcas III.

Search Training Rooms[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

Captain, we need to find out who hired Tarsen to kill M'ven. The House of Martok must know who would stoop to such a dishonorably and cowardly act!

There might be a clue on Forcas III. Tarsen had to have assistance on the ground. I recommend that you check the training rooms here before the villains have a chance to cover up their crime.

Search the training rooms for clues.

There are a total of six training rooms to search, lying in a half-arc from West to East around the bat'leth arena.

The rooms on the West end, from North to South, belong to the House of Konjah and the House of J'mpok.

House of Konjah's Equipment:

The bat'leths being packed up in the House of Konjah's training room have elaborate targ-skin grips, but otherwise appear to be normal.

House of J'mpok's Equipment:

The gear being packed up in the House of J'mpok's training room is extremely expensive and appears to have been custom-made for the fighters on the team.

The rooms on the East end, from North to South, belong to the House of Martok and the House of Antaak.

House of Martok's Equipment:

All of M'ven's belongings are being prepared for transport back to the House of Martok's estate on Qo'noS.

There is nothing out of place here.

House of Antaak's Equipment:

There is gear being prepared for shipment in the House of Antaak's training room, but nothing appears to be out of the ordinary.

The rooms on the North end, from East to West, belong to the House of Noggra and the House of Torg

House of Noggra's Equipment:

The gear being prepared for transport in the House of Noggra's training room is typical of the weapons used in competitions such as this.

House of Torg's Equipment:

The House of Torg's training room is in disarray, and it appears as if they are attempting to leave Forcas III with some haste. There may be some clues here as to why they are in such a rush to leave.

Continue searching the House of Torg's training room.

There is a disruptor of strange manufacture near the crates containing the House of Torg's bat'leths. Examine it.

Romulan Disruptors:

You find several disruptors of Romulan design. They appear to be the type of weapons that the empire once issued to the Tal Shiar.

This cache of Romulan weapons could be proof that the House of Torg is working with Tarsen to bring down the House of Martok.

Defeat House of Torg Warriors[edit | edit source]

Now that you have discovered potential evidence of the House of Torg's treachery, they cannot permit you to escape alive. A group of warriors from the House of Torg will swarm in from the hallway and attack you.

Defeat House of Torg Officers[edit | edit source]

Once the warriors are finished off, some officers from the House of Torg will attack in similar fashion. Dispatch them as well.

Tactical Officer:

So, it was the House of Torg all along! I know that they have been feuding with Martok, but to stoop to something as dishonorable as hiring a Romulan assassin ... it's unthinkable!

We must return to Sirella and let her know who was responsible for the death of her grandson.

Return to Qo'noS and speak with Lady Sirella.

Ketha Lowlands[edit | edit source]

Last Call[edit | edit source]

Go to Ketha Lowlands[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

Coordinates are laid in, Captain. We are ready to travel to Qo'noS on your orders.

Warp to Qo'noS.

You will warp directly to the Qo'noS system without having to travel through sector space.

Tactical Officer:

Lady Sirella is expecting us, Captain. We are clear to beam down whenever you are ready.

Beam down to the Ketha Lowlands.

Talk to Sirella[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

It looks like most of the House of Martok has returned here to mark the passing of M'ven.

He was the heir to the house, Captain. They will be weakened without him.

We should offer our condolences to Lady Sirella for the loss of her grandson.

Speak to Lady Sirella.

Go speak with Sirella, who is standing with Worf.

Lady Sirella:

Thank you for returning my grandson to me.

Many from the House of Martok have returned to honor his life. M'ven was very traditional, and in his honor we will perform the ak'voh ritual. It is an ancient tradition during which the comrades of a fallen warrior watch over him until his spirit is ready for the journey to Sto-vo-kor.

I would be honored if you would agree to join us.

Protect the House of Martok[edit | edit source]

As you are speaking with Lady Sirella, forces from the House of Torg beam in and attack, seeking to end the House of Martok permanently, and you with them.

With your assistance, the attack will be defeated.

Lady Sirella:

So the curs from the House of Torg have tried again to spill the blood of my House.

I call for blood in return! Vengeance will be ours!

My son is not present, but I speak for him. Lead a group of our warriors against the House of Torg and put an end to this treachery once and for all!

Join Lady Sirella's quest for vengeance.

Tactical Officer:


After everything we have done on behalf of the House of Martok, we must see this campaign to its conclusion. The House of Torg must not be allowed to survive this day!

The House of Torg's main base is located in the Gorath system. We should attack while we have the advantage!

Beam up to your ship.

Gorath System[edit | edit source]

All Around the Mulberry Bush...[edit | edit source]

Go to the Gorath System[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

Course laid in for the Gorath system, Captain.

We can engage on your order.

Warp to the Gorath system.

You are warped immediately to the Gorath System.

Tactical Officer:

We have arrived in the Gorath system, Captain.

The House of Torg is one of the smaller of the Great Houses, but its alliance with the House of J'mpok and others have enabled it to gather influence by trading supplies and assisting larger houses.

If they were to lose the ability to support other houses in battle, they will lose much of their influence on the High Council.

Destroy communications satellites to disrupt the forces of the House of Torg before targeting the freighters.

Destroy Communication Satellite[edit | edit source]

There are three communication satellites located in an arc between the planet and the asteroid ring. Each is guarded by forces from the House of Torg. You will be assisted by Birds-of-Prey from the House of Martok, which will decloak and attack as you approach each satellite.

Destroy all three satellites.

Destroy Freighter[edit | edit source]

Each time a satellite is destroyed, a new objective to destroy a freighter will be added. These freighters can be found at asteroid stations located in the asteroid ring near their corresponding communications satellite. You will need to destroy each of these freighters.

Be careful not to destroy a freighter before its objective is given, otherwise you will be unable to complete the objectives and continue the mission.

Beam down to Planet[edit | edit source]

With the defenses of the House of Torg dealt with, it is time to proceed to the planet.

Tactical Officer:

The House of Torg will have a hard time recovering from the loss of these ships, Captain.

With their fleet in tatters, they will be unable to resupply their forces elsewhere in the Empire and will quickly lose favor with their warriors and the other Great Houses.

The House of Martok will have its vengeance, but Torg himself must be taught a lesson. He waits on the planet's surface.

Beam down to the planet.

House of Torg[edit | edit source]

Sulfur the Wraith[edit | edit source]

Find Torg[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

Welcome to the stronghold of the House of Torg, Captain.

The House has hired Romulan assassins and schemed to bring about the downfall of one of the most honorable Houses of the Empire. We should keep our wits about us, sir -- they are capable of almost any treachery.

Find Torg.

You must fight your way through the House of Torg. You will be assisted by warriors of the House of Martok who will beam in and join you in battle.

Kill S'gen[edit | edit source]

After you have cleared the first hall and proceeded down the ramp, you will be contacted by Lady Sirella.

Lady Sirella:

I have received word that Torg's youngest son is near your current location. S'gen will have supported his father in everything ... even treason.

My grandson is dead. The honor of my House has been stained. Torg and his son are responsible. Find S'gen and deal with him.

I will update your map information with his last known location.

Defeat S'gen, son of Torg.

S'gen is located in a room North of the middle of the map, where he is accompanied by Romulans.

Finish them all off.

Lady Sirella:

As Torg brought my bloodline to an end, so now his is severed as well. We are forever bound in grief.

Torg conspired with the Romulans, which is treason against the Empire. Keep an eye out for evidence of his betrayal. We can use any information you find to make sure no one comes to his aid.

Search the computer logs for evidence of Torg's treason.

Find Computer Logs[edit | edit source]

The room with the computer records is located at the north-east corner of the map. Fight your way through House of Torg and Romulan forces to reach it. Once again you will receive assistance from the House of Martok.

Once the room is secured, download the logs.

Tactical Officer:

There are a series of log entries here detailing the communications between Torg and the Romulans he hired to destroy the House of Martok.

This is damning, but it's not enough to take to the High Council, Captain. We should continue looking for evidence of Torg's treason.

Find evidence of Torg's dealings with the Romulans.

Find Evidence[edit | edit source]

To the South is a small room full of Romulan cargo containers. Here is the evidence you need, so collect it.

Tactical Officer:

These are Romulan shipping containers, but they are filled with Klingon weapons and trade goods. This must be how Torg is paying the Romulans for their services.

I recommend that we take one of these crates to use as evidence against Torg.

Confront Torg.

You will be ambushed by Romulans immediately after beaming the evidence up to your ship.

Confront Torg[edit | edit source]

Torg will be found to the far south-east end of the House of Torg, in his audience chamber. He won't have anything to say, and will immediately beam out if attacked, leaving you to battle his forces.

Defeat the last of Torg's Forces[edit | edit source]

Defeat the warriors Torg has left behind, and you will be ready to depart.

Tactical Officer:

Torg thinks he has escaped, but we can make sure that he has nowhere to run, Captain.

We must take the evidence we've collected here to the High Council on Qo'noS and expose the deeds of Torg and his house.

Return to your ship.

Great Hall of Qo'noS[edit | edit source]

Total Victory[edit | edit source]

Go To The Great Hall of Qo'noS[edit | edit source]

You return to your ship in the Gorath system, where the forces of the House of Martok still battle the forces of the House of Torg. You may assist them if you like, or depart immediately for Qo'noS.

Tactical Officer:

We are ready to warp Qo'noS on your command, Captain.

Warp to Qo'noS.

You will warp directly to the Qo'noS system without having to travel through sector space.

Tactical Officer:

Captain, I have contacted command and explained our situation.

Chancellor J'mpok and the High Command are waiting for us in the Council Chamber.

Beam down to the Great Hall.

Talk to J'mpok[edit | edit source]

You are beamed directly into J'mpok's audience chamber.

Chancellor J'mpok:

These accusations trouble me. This evidence troubles me even more.

Torg is hereby stripped of all his honors. The House of Torg will be no more.

Listen to Torg's Defense[edit | edit source]

Torg beams in behind you to offer his defense.


I was working to protect the Empire!

The House of Martok are cowards and farmers. Their day is done, and they should be buried and forgotten ... like the p'tak from which they take their name.

It turns my stomach every time their name is included in the ranks of the Great Houses of this mighty empire.

Witness the Discommendation of Torg[edit | edit source]

Torg then beams out as the members of the High Council turn their backs on him in discommendation.

Speak with J'mpok[edit | edit source]

Now that the House of Torg is disgraced and their treachery exposed, speak to J'mpok and claim your reward.

Chancellor J'mpok:

We will make sure the House of Torg is properly punished for their cowardly actions.

Torg has been on the Council for many years, and I thought I knew his heart. I was wrong.

I had no part in or knowledge of his acts against the House of Martok. For that, he will pay dearly.