Mission: The Breen Connection

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Faction Starfleet.png The Breen Connection
Given by:
Jiro Sugihara
Story Arc:
Cold War
Diplomatic XP:
100 Cxp diplomatic icon.png

Mission Text[edit | edit source]

I don't know what the Breen hope to find, but it's clear that the Deferi and their region of space contain something that has piqued Breen interest.

It's moments like this that underscore the importance of the Prime Directive. If there are clues buried in the culture of the Deferi, then we must make sure that culture is preserved and protected from outside influences.

Keep up the good work. Providing medical assistance and emergency relief underscore the Federation's core belief in friendly interactions between all cultures. Your continued aid will surely yield diplomatic ties.

Goal[edit | edit source]

Find a potential ally amongst the Breen.

Notes[edit | edit source]