Mission: Temple: Uninvited Guests/Walkthrough

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Please note all Borg numbers are best guess This mission is designed for 3 or more players.

In the mission "Uninvited Guests" you are tasked with preventing the Borg reaching the Preserver Temple and taking the Preserver technology there. To begin the mission you must activate the Preserver console at the top of the temple. This is also the console you have to prevent the Borg from reaching.

When the mission begins at the very bottom of the temple (in the grassy area) two sets of around 10 Borg will spawn along with some interlink nodes. One group to the right and one directly ahead (if you are stood behind the barricade which is between the two sets of steps). Once these two groups are neutralised, or they push you back, a third group will appear to the left. Regardless of whether you defeat these groups or not, a message will appear advising the Borg are overwhelming you. At this point it is best to retreat to the top of the steps.

Below and to the right (of the right set of steps) and the left (of the left set of steps) another group of around 8-10 will appear. As you are fighting this group, a set of 3-4 Tactical Borg will beam in on the middle of the steps.

Again whether you defeat these Borg or not, you will be pushed back. At this time you should find in the middle of the platform you're now on (which has barricades and stone pillars) 10-15 Borg will beam in. You will be pushed back by the Borg one more time to the top of the second set of steps (where you originally activated the Preserver console).

Between 1 and 2 groups of 5 Borg should beam in on the left. Then again on the right. The Borg here will attempt to reach the console.


1. Use AOE (area of effect) weapons, such as Blastwave and Pulsewave. Plasma grenades are also effective

2. Learn how and when the Borg will spawn and prepare to attack before they spawn in. (this counts with almost every Borg mission.

3. Concentrate you fire. The group I was in was able to defeat every group simply by staggering our secondary fire modes.