Mission: Tau Dewa Radiation Scan (Daily)

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Faction Khitomer.png Tau Dewa Radiation Scan
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Mission text[edit | edit source]

The radiation lingering on Mol'Rihan is believed to be residual decay from a catastrophic event that occurred in this Sector. We are gathering data that will assist in building a historical model that may pinpoint the source event.

With all the activity in the area, the scientific community is having difficulty securing long range communication telemetry. You can assist us by retrieving Radiation Reports directly from satellites we've set up in neighboring systems.

I'll provide you with the locations of the satellites. If your crew has time, please return any Radiation Reports you gather. Together we can unravel this mystery.

Goal[edit | edit source]

Gather Radiation Reports from Romulan Satellites in the Tau Dewa Sector Block. This is a repeatable mission.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The mission will only become available once a character performs a radiation scan (other than the tutorial) on New Romulus. Afterwards, the mission is available in the Available tab of the Mission Journal.
  • Locate the Romulan Satelite in the system and interact with it to activate the radiation scan mini-game. Once complete, you may proceed to the next system on the list. Entering each system provides individual missions which are unrelated to this particular task. It is not neccessary to complete the individual system patrols to complete the Radiation Scan daily.