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Mission Dialog[edit | edit source]

Upon entering the system:

Captain, Starfleet Intelligence reports transmissions between the mining station we found in the Hobus system and this planet.

Iconia is supposed to be abandoned, and any Romulan presence in this area of space is a cause for concern.

Recommend we investigate further and look for links to the Hobus system.

Sir! Reman ships detected! We are being hailed.

Commander S'hanclado

Federation ship, I am Commander S'hanclado of the Reman starship Intrakhu.

Your presence here is a violation of treaty and could be considered an act of war. Leave immediately or we will open fire.

Upon encountering the Unknown Vessel:

Captain, what was that?

Starfleet has no records of a vessel matching these sensor readings. I can't even make a guess as to who built it!

And why did it attack and then just vanish? That wasn't a cloaking device, sir. The ship is simply gone.

It's almost as if it ... teleported away.

Upon completing the objective Scan Crater on Iconia:

Captain, we have completed our scans of the crater.

Sensors are detecting Romulan and Reman lifesigns, as well as one that we are unable to identify. We are also picking up signatures from the elements that we found at the Hobus base.

The main concentration of these elements is in an underground facility of some type, but there are multiple levels of shielding. We will need to find the shield frequencies before we can transport a team down to the base.

Sir! The Intrakhu has decloaked ... it's firing disruptors!

Upon completing the objective Defeat IRW Intrakhu:

Scanners are picking up one lifesign in an escape pod, but the pod is heavily damaged. It will not survive atmospheric entry.

Captain, I believe the occupant of the pod is Commander S'hanclado. We have a transporter lock and can beam him aboard at your command.

Rescue Commander S'hanclado.

Upon completing the objective Rescue S'hanclado:

The commander wasn't too pleased about accepting our assistance, Captain. However, he may be able to help us in return.

S'hanclado has agreed to give us the frequency of the base's outermost shield layer. That will allow us to transport an away team into the base. Scans indicate that each floor of the base has its own shield generator, though, so we'll need to find a way through them once we're inside.

Are you ready to beam down?

Beam down to Iconia.

Upon beaming down:

Captain, this area was orginally part of the Iconian main city, which was destroyed by orbital bombardment more than 200,000 years ago.

Based on the energy signatures and lifesigns present on our sensors, I believe it has been taken over by the Remans. Recommend we attempt to access their computers to learn more.

Access the Reman computers.

Upon completing the objective Access Iconian Database:

There are logs here of shipments to and from the base in the Hobus system, as well as schematics for a device that may be what was used to seed the Hobus star and cause the supernova that destroyed Romulus.

According to these files, there are stores of tekasite, decalithium and protomatter on this level. Those are the same elements we found in the Hobus system. Captain, we should collect samples as evidence before we proceed to the lower levels.

Collect element samples.

Upon completing the objective Collect Hobus Supernova Evidence:

Captain, I believe we've found all of the evidence available on this level. We should move on.

Upon completing the objective Descend to Level 2:

Recommend we find an accessible terminal on this level and look for more information, sir.

Find more data in the Reman computer.

Upon completing the objective Examine Log Files:

Captain, we've found the evidence we need!

There are logs here, copies of orders and personal communications ... it appears that someone named Commander Arranhu was responsible for launching the explosive into the Hobus star, but he did it on the orders of Praetor Taris!

Taris was the one who was behind building the bases. She provided the schematics for the device and even ordered the Remans to attack Romulan mining ships to keep them away from Hobus before the supernova!

And that's not all. There are recorded transmissions here between Taris and a race she calls her "dread masters." Was the destruction of Romulus part of some larger plan?

Sir, according to these records, there is a working Iconian gateway on the lowest level of the base. With that, Taris could go anywhere! The amount of chaos she could spread is unthinkable. We must find the controls for the force fields and get to the gateway.

Find the Iconian gateway.

Upon completing the objective Deactivate Force Field:

The force field has been disabled, Captain.

Sir, there's a message being fed into this computer terminal. It's coming from somewhere in this facility.


I am Taris, Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire.

I don't know who you are or why you're here, but that is of no consequence. Any knowledge that you have of me or my plans will never leave this place.

I give you a moment to make your peace with death.

Upon arrival of the last wave in objective Survive the Gauntlet:


So now you think you know everything. Impressive, but ultimately, pointless.

<Rank>, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Commander Arranhu. He will ensure that you never tell anyone about what you've found here.

Upon completing the objective Survive the Gauntlet:

We now have access to the lowest level. Captain.

The gateway is on that level, sir. It's possible that Taris has already escaped. We need to hurry!

Upon completing the objective Descend to Level 3:

This is the lowest level of the facility. Captain.

If Taris is still here, we will find her near the Iconian gateway.

Find the Iconian gateway.

Upon completing the objective Subdue Praetor Taris:

Captain, Taris has been incapacitated.

We should transport her to the brig on the <Shipname>. She has a great many crimes to answer for.

Upon completing the objective Beam Up Prisoner Taris:

This gateway is active. It is far too powerful for us to leave it for anyone else to find.

Starfleet records show that Ambassador Picard and Captain Sisko encountered Iconian gateways, and both chose to destroy them. We should do the same.

The gate controls are in this room. We can rig a tricorder to send a gravimetric pulse through the controls when the gateway is open. That should cause the gateway's power supply to overload, causing a catastrophic cascade failure.

We won't have a lot of time before the gateway is destroyed, sir. We should set up the gravimetric pulse and then leave.

Destroy the Iconian gateway.

Upon completing the objective Destroy the Gate:

The gateway is rigged to explode! We should return to the ship immediately!

Upon completing the objective Beam Up:

Sir, we are being hailed by the Romulans.

Putting them onscreen now:

Romulan Commander:

Starfleet in the Neutral Zone, killing Remans and destroying Romulan property? There is no explanation that you could offer that would explain this unprovoked attack on our Empire!

My empress will reward me when I offer her your heads!

Upon completing the objective Defeat Romulan Patrols:

Captain, we can leave the Neutral Zone safely if we depart now.

If we linger, we are likely to encounter Romulan reinforcements.

Leave the system.

Upon turning in the completed mission:

Admiral T'nae:

Taris is being held in an undisclosed location. It will take some time before we can fully question her ... if she is even willing to speak to us at all.

I fear that she will keep her secrets locked inside her heart until it is too late.

However, you have solved one of the greatest mysteries of the past 40 years, <rank>. We now know who is responsible for the destruction of the Romulan homeworld, and she will pay for her crimes.

Starfleet will be working with Empress Sela, and her trial will proceed with the cooperation and support of the Romulans. Perhaps this can open a door that will lead to renewed relations between our peoples.

There is one thing I find curious, though. The unknown ship that attacked the <ship name> ... do you think they were the "Dark Masters" that Taris claims to serve?