Mission: Surly Secrets/Walkthrough

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Surly Secrets[edit | edit source]

Mek the Disagreeable:

I'm thirsty and you look like an honorable warrior willing to buy a drink for your elder.

If you do, I'll let you in on a secret as compensation.

Yes, I'll buy you a drink.

Mek the Disagreeable:

Did you bring me a drink?

If you bring Raktajino[edit | edit source]

I brought you a Raktajino.

Mek the Disagreeable:

What are you trying to do? Sober me up?

Get this stuff away from me and get me something else to repair the damage you've done to my buzz!

If you bring Targ Milk[edit | edit source]

I brought you a Targ Milk.

Mek the Disagreeable:

What is this warm swill? Do I look like a Targ pup to you?

I wanted a drink fit for a warrior, not what your wet nurse fixes for you when you have a tummy ache!

If you bring Blood Wine[edit | edit source]

I brought you a Blood Wine.

Mek the Disagreeable:

Ahhh, that's the good stuff.

Now I suppose you want me to tell you that secret I was telling you about ...

Yes, please tell me your secret.

Mek the Disagreeable:

You look no stronger than a glob fly! How do you manage to even lift a blade?


You screech like a wounded grishnar cat! Shut up!


You whine like a ferengi!


Real warriors don't whine.


If you think life is fair, you have no more brains than a dead gagh.

Mek the Disagreeable:

Come back to me in a little bit. When I need a refill, I'll have a new secret to share with you.