Mission: Stranded In Space/Walkthrough

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Brief[edit | edit source]

<rank>. I've received a report that there is a Bolian freighter that is overdue arriving at Earth Spacedock. It may need assistance. Please talk to Malcolm Sissel in the Shipyard. He will have more information about the missing vessel than I do.
  • (Optional) Speak to Malcolm Sissel in Shipyard
  • Azura Blues
  • Act of Defiance

You will receive the following rewards:

Experience Point icon.png 3120
Expertise icon.png 780

Choose one of the following:

  • Azura Personal Comm Code
  • Energy Dampening Armor Mk <level dependent>
  • Shield Array <level dependent>
  • Current Lock Box

Mission[edit | edit source]

(Optional) Speak to Malcolm Sissel in Shipyard[edit | edit source]

In Earth Spacedock, go to the Shipyard area opposite Operations and walk up to the window. Malcolm Sissel is there. Talk to him for some background information about the S.S. Azura and the chance to ask how to change ship or get equipment for it. Once done, beam up to your ship and leave the system.

Azura Blues[edit | edit source]

Click on the icon in your mission list to head for the Azura. When you are close, you'll get a transmission. After that close up again and get the interaction to "Rescue the S.S. Azura". Carry on, go through the dialogue and cut scene.

Eliminate the four (4) Orion Corvettes.

Once done, close on the S.S. Azura for the interaction "Scan the S.S. Azura". Do so to end up in your transporter room.

Act of Defiance[edit | edit source]

  • Speak to Chief
  • Use Transporter
  • Shut Down the Plasma Leaks
  • Speak to Captain Brott
  • Return to Aft Cargo Bay
  • Use Transporter
  • Speak to Transporter Chief
  • Use Turbolift
  • Defeat Orion Ships
  • Beam Captain Brott Aboard

Speak to the Transporter Chief who will warn you about radiation levels aboard the Azura and possible problems bringing you back if she is not repaired. Head to the transporter pad and beam across.

Once aboard, defeat the Orions and use the bypass consoles to shut down plasma leaks.

Proceed along the corridor and go into the first room on your left if you are a Science character to heal an injured civilian (there are 2 more) for an Accolade; otherwise proceed down the hallway.

Just before the first plasma leak is a console. Use it to shut off the plasma stream blocking the corridor.

Eliminate the Orion thugs around the corner and head into the room on your right. There are Orions in this room. Eliminate them. Use the console on the left as you came in to shut down the next plasma leak. There is a second injured crewman for you to heal if you are a Science character. There is also an Anomaly and a container to open to get an item drop. Go out of this room and turn right to carry on in the general direction you were going.

Before the next plasma leak there is another room on your left this time. Go in, eliminate the two (2) Orions, and use the console to the right of the door as you came in to shut down the third and final plasma leak. The third injured crewman is here for the Science based Accolade. Exit this room and turn left to carry on into the Engine Room.

In the Engine Room you will be told the warp core is going critical. Speak to Captain Brott; she is at a console to right as you come in. If you are an Engineering character, there is an Accolade here for containing the warp core breach. If questioned again she explains they had problems with the core and got jumped by the Orions as they tried to stabilize it.

As you leave the Engine Room, a cutscene shows more Orions beaming in. If your are a Tactical character use the console to your right to kill then and gain an Accolade. You are now left with just one (1) group of four (4) Orions to deal with. Eliminate them.

Non-Tactical characters simply kill the first 3 the old fashioned way.

Carry on down the main hallway back the way you came to where you beamed in. Before you get to the transporter room a cutscene will come in. When ready head to the Transporter Pad and beam back to your ship for combat with the Orions.

Speak to the Transporter Chief. Then head to the turbolift to your left.

Once in space the Orions will threaten you. Eliminate them again, and close on Azura to beam Captain Brott aboard. Once done...

Mission Completion[edit | edit source]

Leads to Diplomatic Orders