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Brief[edit | edit source]

For rewards and accolades please see Mission: Stop the Signal

We have decrypted some of the information you found at the Klingon listening post in the Paulson Nebula, and Starfleet Intelligence believes there is at least one more of those posts out there.

We have the location of a signal repeater, which boosts the subspace transmissions from these listening posts. Starfleet wants you to go to the Bomari System, find the signal repeater and use it to track down the coordinates of the other listening post.

When you have the location, transport a team down to the surface and take it out. We can provide you with spatial charges to get the job done.

Can we count on you to keep Starfleet communications safe?

Sub-Episodes[edit | edit source]

  • Echo Location
  • Piercing the Veil
  • Outpost Oblivion
  • Unseen Threat

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Echo Location[edit | edit source]

Eavesdrop on the Signal Repeater[edit | edit source]

On warping in you get dialogue telling you that can eavesdrop on the transmissions and determine the point of origin. Hostiles ships may be about.

There is a squadron of B'rel Bird-of-Prey to your left and right guarding anomalies. Eliminate them for experience, loot, and R&D items from the anomalies; they'll only turn up behind you at some point if you don't.

Head to the first Signal Repeater and interact with it. You're told you must search the frequency spectrum to find the carrier wave the Klingons are using. Begin and search through until you find the correct frequency <00.0>.[1]

Trace the Frequency at <00.0>[edit | edit source]

Once found an interaction to trace the frequency pops up. Carry on to be pointed at a second repeater. The mini-map points at it but there is also an interaction that shows a line in the correct direction.

Eavesdrop on the Second Signal Repeater[edit | edit source]

Head toward the next repeater. There is another squadron of B'rel Bird-of-Prey guarding it. Eliminate them and interact with the repeater to eavesdrop.

You'll be informed your Science Officer has traced the signal to a listening post near Bomari II. Before you go there is another squadron of B'rel Bird-of-Prey patrolling an anomaly nearby. Eliminate or not; they are immaterial to the mission.

Warp to Bomari II[edit | edit source]

Use the dialogue with your Science Office to warp out.

Piercing the Veil[edit | edit source]

On arriving you're informed that the Klingons have set up a transporter disruption field around the listening post. There are three disruptors. You need to destroy them.

Destroy the closest one (to your left as you warp in) and head to your right to the next one. This is patrolled by B'rel Bird-of-Prey because of the nearby anomaly. Destroy the B'rel Bird-of-Prey and the repeater. On destroying the repeater your are informed that more Klingon vessels are warping in to defend the facility. They will come after so don't sit still. So far from experience, the single squadron consists of two (2) B'rel Bird-of-Prey and one (1) of either a Raptor Escort or K't'inga Battle Cruiser. Destroy them and the last repeater.

Beam Aboard the Listening Post[edit | edit source]

On destruction of the last repeater a dialogue pops up informing you the scrambling field is down and you can beam down. Do so when ready.

Outpost Oblivion[edit | edit source]

On beaming in your are informed that you have been authorized to place Spacial Charges in order to destroy the Listening Post. Exit the dialogue to continue.

Place Spatial Charges[edit | edit source]

Head into the room immediately to your left or place the first charge in the interaction point in front of you. Either way head into the room to the left of where you started and deal with the Klingons there. In this room there is an anomaly, and a crate that can be opened for an Accolade if you are a Tactical Officer. Plant your Spacial Charges (one directly opposite the door, and one to the right) and head back out into the corridor.

Place another charge outside this room if haven't already done so and head on. When you go around the second corner and place the last charge...

Reach the Computer Core[edit | edit source]

A dialogue will pop up directing you to find out what information has been picked up. You'll need to blast your way in with Spacial Charges.

There are four Klingons just around the corner. Eliminate them and head to the Computer Core door.

Set Charge at Door[edit | edit source]

Interact with the door to plant the charge and watch the short cutscene.

Check Computer Core Data[edit | edit source]

There are three Klingons inside. Eliminate them. There is also an anomaly and a crate to open. If the crate isn't obvious it may have spawned behind other crates. Use your Tricorder 'V' to find it.

When ready head down the ramp in the middle under the platform and interact with the Data Core.

Defeat Ambush[edit | edit source]

Klingons will beam in. One of them is a Swordmaster. He will turn out to be an Undine and beam out when defeated. Kill the others and read the dialogue.

Uplink Computer Core[edit | edit source]

Go back and finish collecting the computer core data.

Return to Ship[edit | edit source]

Read and go through the dialogue and return to your ship when ready.

Unseen Threat[edit | edit source]

On returning a dialogue informs you the Klingons are fighting the Undine ship.

Defeat the Undine Frigate[edit | edit source]

Assist them in destroying it. Once done...

Depart System[edit | edit source]

Answer the incoming hail from the Klingons and the mission completes. Leave when ready. You can re-collect the R&D drops from the Anomalies first if you want.

Mission Completion[edit | edit source]

Mission completes on finishing the dialogue with the Klingons and leads to Researcher Rescue.

  1. The correct frequency is randomly determined each time.