Mission: Standoff/Walkthrough

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  • Upon entering the Bajor system, you will intercept a two-way communication between two Cardassian ships. After listening to the increasingly tense conversation, open a channel to both ships and order them to stand down. Invite both of the Guls to your ship to discuss the situation.
  • Once on the observation deck, talk to Guj Surjan, who is sitting in a chair across from the windows. At this point, it is only necessary to ask the following questions:
    • "Why are you accusing Antos?"
    • "Do you think he is a traitor?"
  • Talk to Gul Antos, who is standing by a window. For now, it is only necessary to ask:
    • "Of what are you being accused?"
    • "Did you do it?"
  • Now it is time to gather evidence. Speak to Gul Surjan again and ask him:
    • "What evidence do you have against Antos?"
  • He will identify three pieces of evidence:
    • An accidentally intercepted transmission between Gul Antos and a True Way sympathizer named Barcad.
    • An item of unknown True Way technology found in Gul Antos's possession.
    • A video showing Gul Antos killing a guard in the process of freeing Barcad from custody.
  • Speak to Gul Surjan yet again, and ask all of the available questions:
    • "What can you tell me about the transmission?"
      • "Such an important transmission was accidentally broadcast?"
    • "What can you tell me about the found tech?"
      • "Do people ever forget to log found items?"
    • "What can you tell me about the video?"
      • "Was the footage checked for tampering?"
  • Now, speak to Gul Antos again, making sure to use all of the following dialogue options:
    • "What can you tell about this transmission?"
      • "How can you prove the transmission did not come from you?"
    • "Some True Way tech was found in your room."
      • "What is the device?"
    • "Do you recognize this video?"
      • "Who are Barcad's main associates?"
  • It is now time to conduct research at the large computer terminal on the wall between the two sets of stairs. If you have ask all of the above questions, you should have five topics to research. More will appear as you investigate various options. You should research the entire list, as shown here:
    • Research Antos
    • Research Surjan
    • Research Barcad
      • Barcad's Arrest History
      • Barcad's History with Antos
      • Barcad's History with Movan
    • Research Movan
      • Cardassian Files on Movan
      • Quark's Files on Movan
    • Research Ravek VI
      • Research Planet
      • Research Inhabitants
      • Research Culture/Customs
      • Research Agriculture
      • Research Keni
      • Research Historical Conflicts
    • Research Changelings
      • Changeling Biology
      • Changeling Longevity
      • Identifying Changelings
  • Now, it is time to debunk each item of evidence:
    • To debunk the transmission, use the small computer terminal to the side of the door and perform the following steps:
      1. Analyze Transmission
      2. Scan for Signs of Tampering
      3. Filter Frequency
      4. 4 Hz
      5. Isolate Frequency in Recent Antos Broadcasts
    • To debunk the tech, again use the small computer terminal to the side of the door and do the following:
      1. Analyze Tech
      2. Expose Device to Water
      3. Examine Gases
    • To debunk the video, speak to Gul Antos using the following dialogue option:
      • "I have reason to believe the video of you is actually a Changeling."
    • Return to the large computer terminal between the stairs and research the following:
      • Research Antos
        • Research Medical Records
  • Then speak to Gul Surjan, telling him the following:
    • "All of the evidence against Antos is suspect at best."
  • Finally, return to Gul Antos to complete the quest and receive your reward.
  • To exit the mission use the icon to beam up to the ship