Mission: Sphere of Influence/Walkthrough

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Misssion has 2 exploration points, one right where you spawn in, one by the New Romulus Gateway center area. Then you talk to the Research who tells you to memorize some numbers.

Variance Coefficient

Alpha 14

Beta 77

Gamma 47

Delta 38

Epsilon 9

Activate some consoles.

Talk to some more people, Plant some charges on the gateway on the south and North sides of the Gateway. Head East and talk to Kererek.

Starts the Other Side.

Talk to Worf as you start then scan Crates.

Assist Wounded. (4 targets)

Romulan Civilian with a bad arm, USE A SLING.

Ensign Medic with a scrape. USE APPLY BANDAGE.

Romulan Civilian with a bad ankle. SCAN INJURY. then APPLY EMERGENCY COLD PACK then APPLY COMPRESS and finally ELEVATE LIMB.

Romulan Civilian with a hit by a rock USE AUTOSUTURE.

Talk to Worf again and then the console to his LEFT. Walk to the various exits and hit SCAN.

Walk back to Worf and talk to people.

Walk into the next room and scan some equipment, talk to your fellow captain then Scan the center console.

Cutscene occurs and then you run into the next room looking for your fellow captain, find the dropped items and see if you can figure out what happened to fellow travelers.

Everyone's gone and you gotta search the rest of the place.

Then you are back to talking to Worf and discussing his abduction by a solanogen based race.

You head back where you came and the door is locked, your going to blast it open with a power pack from the drone you just blew up.

Free some captives,

Talk to some people, then find the missing others.


Maiek is dead.

Next area is consoles and blue bridge and green bridges. fastest way is to follow the blue path. So Console then blue to keep going.

You get to console and are under attack.

Summon everyone to the platform and then its a memory game of colors.

Search and download data on the console.

You are then found on a bridge, examine all the consoles and then another cutscene.

You are now on space batttle with the Elechi launch fighters and wreck shit.

The code works like this: 4 icons (A,B,C,D) get shown with A being the first icon to flash and D being the last. When A flashes once and the menu comes up pick B. When B flashes press C. When C flashes press D and thats it