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Mission: Shadow Play/Walkthrough

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The mission is very straightforward

Upon entering the system you will be greeted with a planetary shielding protected by 1 Romulan warbird, be aware as this ship has large durability and is equipped with tractor beam arrays and will fire overloaded plasma torpedoes often.

Upon destroying the Romulan vessel get close and beam down to the colony, you will be directed to one of the council leaders of the colony, she will ask you to speak with the representatives of the Romulan Republic and the Romulan Empire in order to offer your opinion on who the colony should support.

After speaking to both representatives return to the council leader and choose from the 4 possible options presented (your choice has a small affect on the mission, see below).

You will be directed to a survivor from the Virinat colony who will ask you to check the colony for evidence

Once on board your ship you will be greeted by another Romulan warbird, similar to the first one but with less durability (outcome of the previous choice is as follows: join the Republic - a Republic ships helps you, join the Romulan Star Empire - fight the Romulan ship solo after they thank you for the help and the Republic vessel ridicules you , stay neutral /follow your heart and instincts - a Republic ships asks if you want their assistance).

Once you warp out to Viridan, scan both debris and beam down to the colony.

Once in the colony use the following map as guide to complete the accolade Virinat lore item location

Follow your map in order to scan the items to obtain evidence and return to your ship

You will be directed to New Romulus where you will face an Elachi fleet, you have the support of multiple small ships, although your main objective is to destroy the command ship it is recommended to focus on destroying the Battleships first as it will narrow the targets for your fleet

The Elachi command ship is heavily armed and will be able to knock out your facing shields followed by a torpedo spread, the best tactic is either stay behind her or circling around her, upon destruction of the ship the mission concludes