Mission: Secrets of the Ancients/Walkthrough

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  • Science officer:

Sir, new readings have been detected in the Underground Ruins on New Romulus.

We should clear a path to the lowest levels and then signal D'Tan and his scientists so they can investigate.

You will need to accept “New Romulus: The Power Source” in order to access the Underground Ruins instance. Once the mission is complete, enter the final room and signal D'Tan.

  • D'Tan:

I'm reading you loud and clear, Admiral.

Head Researcher A'dria and I are preparing to make our way to you now.

We will be there soon.

Cutscene[edit | edit source]

The Dewan holographic recording.

D'Tan and A'dria (both wearing EV suits) join the player in the power plant room.

  • D'Tan:
I received your signal. Thank you for calling us down. I knew we could count on you.

A'dria examines one of the large power relays.

  • A'dria:
Sir, I think I've found some kind of log or recording.
  • D'Tan:
Can you activate it?
  • A'dria:

I'm not sure.

It has some iconography similar to artifacts found in the Isha Forest cave. This symbol in particular looks ...

She is interrupted by a loud whirring sound. Something is powering up.

The group looks toward the center of the room, where two spires are rising out of the ground (or trying to; they appear to be jammed). After a few seconds they stop moving, halfway out of the ground. Though they have not reached their full height, it's not hard to guess what the structure is.

  • A'dria:
Is that ...
  • D'Tan:
An Iconian gateway? Yes, I believe it is!

The two Dewan states standing near the gateway suddenly power up. They start emitting bright blue light, and a holographic recording begins.

Three humanoid figures stand by the entrance to the gateway. Two are short, diminutive beings ... probably Dewans. The third is a tall, powerful looking creature with what appear to be spikes protruding from its head. The Dewans fall to their knees, apparently worshiping the creature. Unfortunately, the player's universal translator cannot decipher their language.
Suddenly, the ground shakes. The three figures are thrown to the ground; the two Dewans disappear while the tall being gets to its feet. It runs to one of the gateway's spires and appears to study it, waving its fists in frustration.
After a moment (and another explosion or two) it runs through the gateway's portal and disappears.
  • A'dria:
Is that an Iconian running through the gateway?

The remaining holograms vanish and the room's lighting returns to normal. A'dria, clearly stunned, poses her question again.

  • A'dria:
Could that be an ... Iconian?

The Dewan statues light up again.

  • A'dria:
I think another recording is starting!

She is correct. The room goes blue again, and more holograms appear in the room.

The gateway is once again fully deployed. The room now boasts a large arsenal of machinery, as well as a number of Dewan engineers working on the gateway and the four power relays in the room.
  • A'dria:
These look like the same creatures we saw with the Iconian!
  • D'Tan:
It looks like they've hooked some kind of machinery up to the gateway.
An explosion shakes the room. Several Dewans go flying; they quickly get up and run back to their stations. They appear to be quite agitated.
  • A'dria:
I think they're trying to power the gateway!
More explosions. The Dewans frantically work on their controls, but are unsuccessful. A blinding light fills the room as something big is destroyed.

When it fades, the holograms are gone and the lighting is back to normal. There is a moment of stunned silence.

  • D'Tan:
How old are these recordings?

A'dria goes to the gateway and examines it with her tricorder.

  • A'dria:

This can't be right! The first one seems to be 200,000 years old. The second one was recorded ... 50,000 years after that!

And were those things Iconians? I ...
  • D'Tan:

We have a lot of research to do before any of those questions can be answered.

This gate is clearly inoperable. Do you believe it could be reactivated?
  • A'Dria:

With time, yes, I believe so.

By the Elements ... do you know what this means?
  • D'Tan:
It means we have a chance to learn about one of the galaxy's most feared and ancient races.

He turns to the player, who has been awful quiet so far.

  • D'Tan:

We couldn't have done any of this without you. As amazing as this discovery is, it pales in comparison to what you've done for me and my people. I could never fully or properly express my gratitude for everything you've accomplished since coming to New Romulus. Because of you, the Romulans and Remans truly have a chance at starting a new life. You've helped secure our new home and given us a fighting chance of survival. There are no words that will ever fully express my gratitude.

Information discovered from researching this gate will be shared, of course. Some people would be opposed to the releasing of secrets such as these, but time an again, you have proven that we can all work together.

For a brighter future, and for a better Romulus, I thank you.

Mission complete[edit | edit source]

At this moment, the player will be hailed by either Admiral Quinn or Chancellor J'mpok, depending on their faction.

Admiral Quinn:

Excellent work as always, <rank> <name>.

In the past few months you have done more for Federation/Romulan diplomacy and relations than anyone else in the past few years.

In honor of your hard work and excellent service, I've ordered a shipment of materials which should allow you to acquire some much deserved new equipment.

I look forward to your next report. Keep up the good work!

Admiral Kerekek:

You continue to bring all our people closer to a new Romulan Empire.

In order to properly recognize your hard work and excellent service, I've ordered a shipment of new materials which will allow you to acquire some much deserved new equipment.

I look forward to your next report and know you will be leading the way for all Romulans and Remans.

The mission will complete. You can return to this site to review the recording when replaying "The Power Source".