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Aelas IV System[edit | edit source]

Keeping the Peace[edit | edit source]

Go To Aelas System[edit | edit source]

Head to the Vendor Sector in the Alpha Centauri Sector Block and enter the Aelas System to begin.

Secure the Area[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

We have arrived in the Aelas system, sir.

Setting scanners to maximum and searching for other ships or anything that might disrupt the negotiations on Aelas IV. Recommend that we patrol the nav beacons in the system. That will give us a good path to scan the entire area.

Patrol the Aelas System.

Follow the asteroid belt and defeat the Romulan Bird-of-Prey squadron and the Mogai Escort. At the final nav beacon you will see two Mogai Escorts, which will warp away. Then a D'deridex Battleship appears. Defeat the ship.

Warp to Aelas IV[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

This area is secure, sir, but two of the Romulan ships left the battle.

We have a lock on their energy signatures, Captain. They're headed for Aelas IV- We should follow them and investigate.

Warp to Aelas IV.

You can now either press "Warp to Aelas IV" now or look for the first of the two Accolades in this mission. Follow the asteroid field to its end and locate the large asteroid with the hole in it. Head into this hole and scan the asteroid.

Scan Asteroid:

This asteroid has a remarkable combination of minerals in it. We have cataloged it and when we return to Federation space, we'll notify Starfleet so they can send a survey team to investigate.

You will be granted an Accolade now: Follow the Yellow Cake Road

Warp to Aelas IV.

In the Middle[edit | edit source]

Secure the Area[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

We have found the Romulans, sir. They're engaged in combat with ... those are Klingon ships, Captain! What are they doing here?"

Recommend we secure the area and then send an away team to the surface to make sure the Federation negotiator is safe.

Engage the Klingon and Romulan ships threatening Aelas IV.

You are facing several Klingon Raptors and Klingon Bird-of-Preys fighting Romulan Mogai Escorts. You can either attack both of them immediately or wait until one of them is defeated and engage the suriving ship(s). All enemy ships have to be destroyed in order to proceed.

Beam to Planet[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

We are in orbit of the planet and scanners show no additional Romulan ships, sir.

The away team can beam down at your command.

Beam down to Aelas IV

Choose your away team members and transport to the next map.

Aelas IV[edit | edit source]

The Princess and the Klingon[edit | edit source]

Speak to the Princess[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

I'm reading multiple lifesigns, sir.

Aelasan and Klingon and there's a Capellan ... yes. I've located Admiral Akaar. He's in the Aelasan village up ahead.

There is one Aelasan nearby. Perhaps we should talk to her. A dialog begins.

Speak to the Aelasan

Go to the Aelasan woman who waves her hands in the air left of you and talk to her.

Princess Sena:

Greetings, brave Federation warrior!

I welcome you to our home. What do you wish to know?

Tell me about the Aelasans.

Princess Sena:

The histories say that many ages ago, my people rode through the stars in gleaming metal shisps. We had much knowledge and many great and powerful weapons, but no wisdom.

My people fought amongst themselves, and would have destroyed one another. Great King Aelas changed all that. He convinced the people that to survive, they would have to throw away their great machines and weapons and learn to live simply. We would have depend on one another, not technology.

We changed our names to Aealasans to honor our great king. Since then we have lived according to his teachings.

The king said it was good to speak to outsiders, and that we could learn much from people not of this world. So we kept the devices that allow us to communicate with people who are not here, and the metal records that hold the wisdom of the ancients. The mighty ships and weapons were destroyed.

Where are the rest of your people?

Princess Sena:

My father is at the village with Admiral Akaar and the leader of the ridged ones. I believe he is called Captain Ja'rod.

Many of our warriors are at the huntin grounds, several miles from here. The rest of my people are hiding until the ridged ones leave.

The ridged ones are angry and fierce. They frighten us.

What do the Klingons want here?

Princess Sena:

Their leader demands that my father give him the topaline we find in the mountains, and that we allow himt to send many ridged ones to our planet. We have refused.

How can we help you?

Princess Sena:

I wish to return to my village, but there are dangers on the road ahead.

I have no escort. Please, will you take me to my home?

Escort the princess to her village.

Escort the Princess[edit | edit source]

Princess Sena now starts walking and will stop each time she comes under attack by the Klingons. You will have to fight three squadrons consisting of Warriors, Targ Handlers and War Targs as well as Officers. The road makes a sharp bent near a small settlement. This is not yet the village. Follow Sena and defeat the remaining three squadrons Klingon warriors. All in all, you have to kill six Klingon squadrons.

Speak to Admiral Akaar[edit | edit source]

Sena stops at the entrance of the village with the palisades. In front of one hut you see three men: an Aelasan, Admiral Akaar and Captain Ja'rod.

There are two fire urns within village. Jump into one of these. You'll receive the Accolade: I'm Doing Well... Well done

Talk to Admiral Akaar. A dialog begins.

Why are the Klingons here?

Admiral Leonard James Akaar:

They want the topaline.

The Klingons see diplomacy as a necessary evil. They could conquer the Aelasans, but that means sending a fleet dangerously close to the Romulan worlds.

And you never know what the Aelasans might have stored away for a rainy day. They rejected technology, but before they did, they were a power to rival the Romulans or even the early Federation.

Are the Klingons threatening the Aelasans?

Admiral Leonard James Akaar:

Not yet, but it might come to that if Ja'rod doesn't get what he wants.

The Elder Chief sent his people away, just to be safe. If the Klingons harm him or Princess Sena, I expect the Aelasan warriors will be back here on the double.

Why does the Federation want the topaline?

Admiral Leonard James Akaar:

Topaline is a mineral used in the construction of life support systems. It's also a great way to block sensors, so it has a variety of military uses.

Unfortunately, it's very rare and it cannot be replicated. My homeworld, Capella IV, is one of the Federation's only sources of topaline. If we could gain access to the Aelasan deposits, it would be extremely advantageous.

Tell me about Captain Ja'rod

Admiral Leonard James Akaar:

Ja'rod strikes me as honorable, but he's young and impulsive.

He is the heir to the House of Duras through his mother, Lursa. The House of Duras was once one of the most powerful in the Klingon Empire, although it fell on ill fortunes about forty years ago.

Ja'rod's uncle, Duras, was in the line to be Chancellor before he was challenged and slain by Ambassador Worf. Lursa and her sister, B'Etor, backes Duras's son, but the crew of the Enterprise-D was able to prove that their attempt to overthrow the High Council was being backed by the Romulans.

Lursa died attacking the Enterprise-D in 2371. After thatm Ja'rod was adopted by a family friend, Councilor Torg.

Ja'rod is the heir of two great houses, and he was the one who first exposed the Undine infiltration to the Klingons. That gives him an amount of influence in the empire that the average captain doesn't have.

Ja'rod has the potential to be the leader of the High Council someday, but he still has much to prove.

Starfleet needs to keep its eye on Captain Ja'rod.

Leonard James Akaar ... your name sounds familiar!

Admiral Leonard James Akaar:

I've been in Starfleet a long time, <rank>. But that's probably not what you mean.

I was named for two Starfleet officrs -- Dr. Leonard McCoy and James T. Kirk. They helped my mother after my father, the Teer of the Ten Tribes, was killed in coup on Capella IV.

It was the example of those fine offiers that inspired me to dedicate my life to Starfleet.

How can we help?

Admiral Leonard James Akaar:

We're at a critical point in our negotiations, and I think you could help.

We need to convince the Elder Chief of the Aelasans to favor the Federation. You could have some influence over him ... you just saved his daughter's life. Please, speak with the Elder Chief.

Speak to Aelsean Chief[edit | edit source]

Talk with the Aelasan man.

Elder Chief:

You have my thanks for escorting my daughter to safety. But we all face a greater danger.

The prophecies left by our ancestors say that a star will fall from the sky today. You are mighty empires who fly through the heavens. What will you do to help us?

As the leader of the Aelasans, I decree that the Federation and the Klingon Empire must compete for our favor.

Whatever saves us from the falling star will have the topaline. Ready your skyhsips.

Return to Ship[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

Captain, we have large asteroid on sensors. It will impact in the Aelasans main hunting grounds.

Please return to the <shipname> immediately.

Return to your ship.

Aelas IV System[edit | edit source]

Sky Demon[edit | edit source]

Defeat Klingon Escorts[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

There is an incoming message from the Klingons, Captain.

Putting it onscreen now:

Captain Ja'rod:

My fleet will have the honor of killing you, Starfleet, while I win the prize!

Glory to the Empire! Death to the Federation!

Engage the Klingons and destroy the Sky Demon before the I.K.S. Kang does.

Destroy the squadron of Klingon Bird-of-Preys that is decloaking, then proceed to engage the Kang.

Defeat the I.K.S. Kang[edit | edit source]

When her strucutural integrity is at 35% or lower, the I.K.S. Kang is defeated and becomes inactive.

Answer the Hail[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

The Kang is hailing us, sir.

Captain Ja'rod:

You've won this day, <rank>. But I swear on the Sword of Kahless that the next time we meet the outcome will be different!

Important![edit | edit source]

You MUST answer the hail from Ja'rod and complete the dialog before you destroy the asteroid (see below); the next objective does not appear on your list until after you complete this one.

If you do not answer Ja'rod's hail you will either not be able to destroy the asteroid or, if you do manage to destroy the asteroid, then you will be unable to complete the mission. Dropping the mission and replaying will trigger the hail without requiring you to replay the entire mission.

Destroy the Asteroid[edit | edit source]

Turn your attention now to the Sky Demon, the asteroid, and obliberate it.

Hail the Admiral[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

Admiral Akaar is hailing us, sir. I'll put him onscreen now:

Admiral Leonard James Akaar:

The Aelasans have agreed to sign the trade agreement, Captain. This is a great day for the Federation -- we have the topaline we need and we've made new friends with a race that we have much to learn from. Good work.

Return to Sector Space[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

Captain, the U.S.S. Chekov is on its way to take Admiral Akaar back to Starbase 39-Sierra.

The trade negotiations have been successfully completed and the Klingons will no longer be a threat to the Aelasans. We can leave this system on your command, sir.

Warp out and leave the system.

Hail Starfleet to Report[edit | edit source]

Admiral T'nae:

Admiral Akaar was quite impressed with your actions, <rank>.

We have made new friends today. With time, perhaps our relationships with the Aelasans will develop. They could even become part of the Federation.

Choose a reward. You've accomplished the mission!