Mission: S'harien's Swords/Walkthrough

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Mission Dialog[edit | edit source]

On warping into the system:

Tactical Officer:

Captain, we have arrived in the Dimorus system and are approaching S'harien Station.

We will need to disable the communications satellites and take out the base defenses before we can beam down to the station.

I recommend disabling the satellites before dealing with the station itself. That will prevent the Romulans from sending out a call for reinforcements.

Disable the Romulan Communications Satellites.

Upon approaching S'harien Station:

Tactical Officer:

Captain, S'harien Station is aware of our presence.

The Romulans have begun transporting crews to the unmanned ships around the station.

We have a small amount of time to destroy those ships before the crews are in place and they are battle ready.

Destroy the Romulan ships before they can launch.

Upon completing the objective Assault the Romulan Starbase:

Tactical Officer:

Station defenses are inoperative, sir.

We can beam down at your command.

Transport to S'harien Station.

Upon beaming to S'harien Station:

Science Officer:

Captain, there is a energy signature that corresponds with Borg technology on the deck above us, but the turbolifts are offline.

We will need to restore power to them before we can proceed.

Restore power to the turbolifts.

Upon completing the objective Enable Turbolifts:

Engineering Officer:

The turbolifts are active now, sir. We can proceed at your command.

Access the turbolifts and find the Borg technology.

Upon completing the objective Use Turbolifts:

Science Officer:

Captain, The commander of S'harien Station should be on this deck.

Recommend we proceed with caution, and that we look for any additional information we can find about the Romulan adaptations of Borg technology.

Find data on the Romulan research.

Upon accessing the Romulan computer on the second level:

Science Officer:

Captain, I've found a portion of a report on the Romulan version of Borg technology.

It says that ships equipped with this technology have shields that adapt to the weapons used against them.

Use phasers too often, for example, and the shields "learn" how to resist them.

The adaptations aren't perfect, however. I would speculate that shields that have adapted to resist phasers would be weak against torpedoes, and vice versa.

Talking to Commander T'Vrea:

Commander T'Vrea:

You're too late, <Rank>!

We knew you would storm in unaware and try to save the universe from the evil, maniuplating Romulans. How predictable.

Our new ship needs an adequate test of its battle readiness. Destroying the <Shipname> should do quite well.

Farewell, Captain. Empress Sela sends her regards.

Upon completing the objective Talk to the Romulan Commander:

Engineering Officer:

Away team, we have detected a vessel inbound at high warp.

Captain, please return to the <Shipname>.

Return to your ship.

Upon returning to space:

Science Officer:

The Romulan ship is hailing us, sir.

Putting it on the main viewscreen now:

Commander T'vrea:

You cannot win, <Rank>.

We are the vanguard of a new Romulan force that will sweep across the stars. All will tremble before Romulan might.

Surrender now, and we may grant you a quick death.

Upon completing the objective Defeat the Romulan Attackers:

Science Officer:

Captain, we believe that was the only ship of its kind that the Romulans have been able to construct.

With the loss of the Romulan research facilities and the Borg technology they were studying, we have blocked this unthinkable path.

Starfleet Command predicts that the Romulans will file a protest with the Federation Council over what they consider to be an unprovoked attack and interference in sovereign affairs.

If past actions are any indication, the Council will be more inclined to consider the safety of the quadrant over the Romulans' hurt feelings.

Depart the system.

Upon turning in the mission:

Admiral T'nae:

You have performed admirably, <Rank>.

The threat to the Federation is averted and Empress Sela has been dealt a severe setback in her plans for conquest.

Starfleet thanks you for your service.