Mission: Reunion/Walkthrough

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In this mission, the player is asked by Admiral Tuvok to assist with an old friend of his, the effervescent Talaxian, Neelix. The player must travel to the Entaba system in the Delta quadrant, where they find Voyager already in trouble with some Kazon ships. After taking them down, Tuvok asks for transportation to the asteroid where Neelix and the Talaxian colonists are readying for departure to their new colony. Although effusive as always, Neelix does ask one favour: can the player repair the shield generators around the base? This is a simple task, just fly to each generator and enable it, no surprise ambushes. Once completed, the player can return to the base, hail Neelix and beam aboard.

At this point, it becomes a lot of running around for the player. Just after beaming in, as Neelix is catching up with his old friend, "Mr. Vulcan," the Kazon swing by for one more pass at the base, getting a lucky shot before being driven off by Voyager and the player's ship. This lucky shot seems to cause extensive damage, even wounding Neelix's love, Dexa, which requires the player's help. Neelix will lead the player to her in the western-most room. After freeing her with a simple interaction, Neelix asks for just one more favour: can the player repair the broken systems?

There are four systems that need to be repaired, the first is in the same room as the injured Talaxian, in the back corner. Just interact with it and it's repaired. The second system is outside in the central room adjacent to the hangar, and is sparking with large bolts of (non-hazardous) electricity. This requires the player to scan the console to determine what all is wrong, and fix each subsystem in order, according to the hints given by the system. The correct order is:

  • Reroute power through secondary relays
  • Alter electro-plasma flow rate
  • Align isolinear chip matrix
  • Replace damaged fuses

After this, the player can repair the crane in the hangar, which requires jumping on boxes to reach the top where crane is. Again, a simple scan is all it needs. Finally, the player must go upstairs to the control room, using the turbolift in the southwest corner of the central room. There is another sparking console that just needs a quick scan. Once all four are complete, the player can then go back to Neelix and report the successful repairs.

Neelix just wants to take one more lap around the base to meet with several Talaxians, and asks the player to come along. And also to help. Again. He'll either ask someone to help with the Overseer or the Chef.

The Chef needs spices to complete the celebratory feast. Fortunately many Talaxians have spices, so it's just a matter of finding the four named Talaxians: Alix, Brexa, Wixen, and Maxin. Alix is in the room where Dexa got injured, Brexa and Maxin are in the central room and Wixen is upstairs in the control room.

Whatever the Foreman needs, the same applies, just find the appropriate Talaxian citizens and talk to them. Kalax, Menex, Oxil and Drexa are all in the central room.

Finally, the player must help the astrometric scientist, Nelaxia, who is upstairs in the control room. She wants the player to adjust the astrometrics array. This is a game of "Hot and Cold," which requires the player to adjust settings, attempting to lower the distance number. Just click on one setting (Pitch, Yaw or Force), and then it can be adjusted one way or another. Try one way, if the number goes up, try the other. If the number goes down, do it again, until the number goes up again, then back up one. Do the same for the other two settings, then "lock in coordinates" when the distance reaches "1."

After this, it's time to return to the ship and lead the fleet to New Talax. First, meet up with Voyager to beam Admiral Tuvok back, as they will be leaving now. Then move onward to the area where the Talaxian fleet is ready to depart and warp to the next system.

Unfortunately, nothing ever goes smoothly for Neelix, and this is no exception. The new system has dangerous levels of theta radiation, and the player must investigate what caused it. The Malons, of course. They won't negotiate, so it's a battle. First the three frigates, then a cruiser and support vessels and finally a battleship. Once all three waves are defeated, the Malon run with their tails between their legs, and it's up to the player to clean up their mess. Get close enough to each of five clouds of radiation to interact with them and cleaning up is just that simple. After the cleanup, Neelix thanks the player and that ends the mission.