Mission: Researcher Rescue/Walkthrough

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Brief[edit | edit source]

For rewards and accolades please see Mission: Researcher Rescue

Starfleet has lost contact with the Federation science station in the Kassae System in the Kassae Sector of the Regulus Sector Block.

Because all communications from Kassae II must be boosted by a satellite that compensates for metreon isotopes prevalent in the system, it may be that the communications array is in need of repair.

Please make the necessary repairs to the communications array and re-establish contact with the science station.

Sub-Episodes[edit | edit source]

  • Subspace Silence
  • Into the Fire
  • Continued Investigation
  • Ambush!
  • Ancient Claims
  • Safe Transport

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Go to the Kassae System in the Kassae Sector of the Regulus Sector Block. On arrival interact with "Patrol Kassae System" and begin...

Subspace Silence[edit | edit source]

Dialogue appears: You are detecting Gorn ships near the communications array. Finish the dialogue for:

Defeat Gorn Defense Forces[edit | edit source]

Deal with them to proceed; it's a squadron of (three) Vishap Frigates. On destroying the last of them:

Scan Satellite[edit | edit source]

An interaction pops up to scan the satellite. Do so:

Beam Down to Station[edit | edit source]

Your Science Officer informs you that you should be able to communicate with the Research Station but can't. You'll have to beam down.

Choose "Not Now" if you want to pick up the loot from the two anomalies nearby, or just beam down into:

Into the Fire[edit | edit source]

On arriving a Federation Scientist runs up to talk to you.

Talk to Federation Scientist[edit | edit source]

Interact with him. He tells you that they lost contact with the comms array, the Gorn beamed in, started shooting and destroyed the computer core, and started setting fires.

On asking the mission critical question about who survived the fires you are told several team members are unaccounted for. Use the Fire Suppression Devices and rescue the missing researchers. Beam the Scientist to your vessel and:

Obtain a Fire Suppression Device[edit | edit source]

On the wall by the door immediately in front of you over the raised work area is a Fire Suppression Device. Interact to pick it up. Equip it.

Rescue Scientists[edit | edit source]

You rescued one by finishing the previous dialogue. The second is in the corridor after the first fire. The third is in the first large room at the end of the first corridor. The fourth is a raised walkway in the large room at the top of the map with all the fires in.

Extinguish Fires[edit | edit source]

The fires are extinguished as you proceed.

Go to the closest fire (to your left from the Fire Suppression Device) and use it on the fire. Go through the little room and in the corridor after it are three Gorn. Eliminate them and talk to the scientist in the corridor to beam her out.

Follow the corridor and eliminate the three Gorn in the next room. The second and third fires are in here, as is the third scientist.

The fourth fire is in the doorway leading out of this room. Extinguish it and follow the corridor to a T-junction. On your left is the fifth fire. Extinguish this also and head into the room behind it. There are four Gorn in here including a Hodch. Eliminate them also.

This room is full of fires, the next one you extinguish will finish the sub-mission, but continuing to extinguish them completes an Accolade. There is also a crate to the right of the door with a loot drop.

The last scientist is on the raised walkway. Interact to complete that sub-mission and lead to:

Beam Up to Ship[edit | edit source]

Finish the dialogue to return to your ship and head onward to:

Continued Investigation[edit | edit source]

Requiring you (when ready) to:

Warp to Kassae IV[edit | edit source]

Finish the dialogue and when ready warp out to:

Ambush![edit | edit source]

Another dialogue comes up informing you that there are Gorn ships that you must eliminate so complete:

Scan Orbit[edit | edit source]

Completed by finishing the previous dialogue.

Clear Gorn from Orbit[edit | edit source]

Engage and destroy the Gorn vessel(s). Level dependet, there may a single Tutara Cruiser or a mixed squadron of up to three. These fire Aceton Assimilators, which absorb energy and fire it back at you. Target these with torpedoes instead of beams, and turn off autofiring Fire All if necessary. Once done, a dialogue pops up:

Beam Down to Kassae IV[edit | edit source]

Finish the dialogue and beam down when ready (there are four anomalies you may want first).

There is a bug in this mission that if you go after the anomalies you may trigger a later sub-mission which you can't complete and prevents you from completing this sub-mission. If so, leave the system and return to the mission and you'll beam straight down with your Away Team into:

Ancient Claims[edit | edit source]

A dialogue informs you there are three shield generators in the area you need to destroy to access the central building.

Scan Nearby Area[edit | edit source]

Finish the dialogue to continue to:

Disable Energy Towers[edit | edit source]

Very near where you beam in are a group of four Gorn with four Attack Saur near one of the towers. Eliminate them and interact with the tower.

Head up the path heading North-West towards the central building. There you will find a body. Interact to gain an Accolade.

Head round the building and West to the next tower. There you'll find four Gorn and two Attack Saur. Eliminate them and interact with the tower.

Follow the trail opposite where you came to the tower and take the shortcut through the swamp to the next tower. There three Gorn and two Attack Saur await you. Eliminate them too. Behind the tower is a crate for a loot drop. Interact with the tower to carry on into:

Defeat the Gorn Captain[edit | edit source]

Head back to the central building and kick up fuss with the Gorn. There are six, including the Gorn Captain. Eliminate them to head to:

Beam Up to Ship[edit | edit source]

A dialogue pops up telling you the scientists are missing. Gorn ships are in orbit. Beam up when ready. There is container in this building if you want the loot drop. On beaming up you are into:

Safe Transport[edit | edit source]

A dialogue pops up from the Gorn Captain S'snek starting

Disable Gorn Battleship[edit | edit source]

Engage and disable the Gorn Battleship in order to retrieve the researchers via transporter. Once disabled:

Beam Hostages Onboard[edit | edit source]

A dialogue pops up to do this. Carry on to:

Return to Sector Space[edit | edit source]

Mission Complete. Leave the system when ready or go after the four anomalies.

Mission Completion[edit | edit source]

Mission completes on beaming the researchers aboard. Depart the system to leave the mission.

This mission leads to The Kuvah'Magh