Mission: Rebooting the Borg Presence

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Faction KDF.png Rebooting the Borg Presence
Given by:
1155 Expertise icon.png
  • Introduction

I have received word that the Borg have turned their sights on the Klingon Empire.

Borg ships have been seen in the T'Kanis Nebula.

  • Scanning an anomaly

The Borg were here recently. We should continue our search further into the T'Kanis Nebula

  • Completion

Well done. The Borg will remember you as a worthy adversary.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Intercept the Borg Fleet in the T'Kanis Nebula
  • Defeat Borg Squadrons (0/12)
  • Return to Lieutenant Commander Mara

Goal[edit | edit source]

Enter the T'Kanis Nebula in the B'Moth Sector and scan any anomalous readings you find for traces of the Borg fleet.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This mission can be quite challenging when first acquired if the player is level 43, as all Borg vessels will be 2 levels above the player.
  • Players should attempt to be at least 5km from an exploding Cube, or they risk massive damage to their ship.