Mission: Ra'kholh System Patrol/Walkthrough

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Ra'kholh System[edit | edit source]

Enter the Ra'kholh System in the Vendor Sector of the Alpha Centauri Sector Block to begin. Upon entering, Commander Argus Genstra will explain the situation.

Commander Argus Genstra:

The starbase in this system houses a holographic research facility where artificial life forms work side-by-side with Federation science teams to find ways to expand holographic technology and lift the limitations that technology puts on sentient holograms.

The Hirogen would love to get their hands on that research. We can't let that happen.

I want you to sweep this system and engage any Hirogen targets you find. Be careful, <rank> -- they'll try to drop out of orbit and catch you unawares.

If even one Hirogen gets onto the space station and gets access to the holo database, it could be a disaster. I'm counting on you to keep everyone safe.

Good luck.

Patrol the system and engage Hirogen targets.

At this point you acquire the mission “Ra'kholh System Patrol”.

Secure Ra'kholh System[edit | edit source]

Hirogen Squadrons Eliminated[edit | edit source]

There are a series of large, light colored asteroids leading to a Federation space station. The Hirogen squadrons can be found near each of these. Destroy all of them.

Commander Argus Genstra:

Station sensors report all clear, <rank>, and we've established a backup of the holo database at a remote site.

Good work.

Leave the system.

Depart System[edit | edit source]

Return to sector space once the mission is complete.