Mission: Promotion Captain/Walkthrough

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Mission Dialog[edit | edit source]

Upon completing the objective Speak with Admiral Quinn:

Admiral Quinn:

Congratulations, Captain. You have conquered yet another milestone on your journey through Starfleet.

You've earned a retraining token that you can use to change the distribution of your skill points. Visit Lt. Commander Okret in the center of the station if you wish to retrain.

Also, Starfleet wants you to have a new ship to command. Take this Plaque to Lt. Laurel in order to establish your new Ship Commission.

Acquire new Starship Commission from Lt. Laurel. Take the Turbolift at the top of the stairs in the Shipyard.

Upon completing the objective Speak with Lt. Laurel:

Lt. Laurel:

Congratulations on making Captain! The Admiral has given his blessing for you to choose a ship appropriate to your new stature. Take a look at my Store. The Starships that are approved for your Rank are listed.