Mission: Planetary Assault

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Faction Khitomer.png Planetary Assault
PvE Queue -Planetary Assault.png
Given by:
June 5, 2018
You will receive the following reward:
  • If skirmish succeeds: 10 Gamma Mark icon.png, 480 Dilithium Ore icon.png
  • If skirmish fails: 5 Gamma Mark icon.png, 480 Dilithium Ore icon.png

Planetary Assault is one of three queues available during the Skirmish Phase of the Gamma Quadrant Battlezone. The player must defend a Dominion world from Hur'q attack by protecting three stations code named Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Gamma Quadrant Battlezone - Planetary Assault Mission Directive.png
  • Players need to defend three stations, code named Alpha, Beta and Gamma, for 5 min. At least one station must remain intact for the skirmish to be successful.
  • Two minutes before the end, a Hur'q Vedcrid Capital Ship will enter the system. Destroying the Capital Ship is optional and not required for the skirmish to be successful. Destroying it however will give a bonus on the relevant Gamma quadrant progress bar. It is suggested that at least 2 players attack the capital ship from two different sides, thus effectively neutralizing its tactic of employing a heavy impenetrable shield on the side taking heavy damage.

Mission text[edit | edit source]

Long-range sensors have detected a massive swarm of Hur'q ships approaching this planet. The Jem'Hadar will fight on the ground, but we want to intercept them up here first.
Since the orbital habitats have minimal defenses, they will be vulnerable to Hur'q attacks. Defend the habitats and destroy as many Hur'q as possible!

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Briefing
  • Defend Orbital Habitats 5:00
    • Optionnal: Defeat Hur'q Capital Ship

NPC starships[edit | edit source]

Accolades[edit source]

There are no accolades specific to this mission.
Gamma Quadrant Battlezone Missions (Level 65) Rewards
Skirmish Phase
“Break the Circle” Gamma Battlezone - Break the Circle icon.png“Planetary Assault” Gamma Battlezone - Planetary Assault icon.png“Sinister Gathering” Gamma Battlezone - Sinister Gathering icon.png
10 Gamma Mark icon.png 480 Dilithium Ore icon.png
Final Assault Phase
“Final Hur'q Assault on Empersa” Gamma Battlezone - Final Hur'q Assault on Empersa icon.png
10 Gamma Mark icon.png 1 Germanium Carapace Fragment icon.png 480 Dilithium Ore icon.png
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