Mission: Patrol the Reimers System/Walkthrough

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You begin this mission by visiting the Reimers Sector in sector space. You do not need to visit any NPC to launch this mission.

Once entering the Reimers System your Tactical officer reports:

Tactical Officer:

The Klingons have been installing subspace beacons around this planet to boost the communications range of their ships.

We cannot let anything that will allow the Klingons to move deeper into Federation space to go unchallenged.

Captain, I recommend we eliminate those beacons.

The Klingons will have likely left defenders to protect this system, so we should stay alert. We can engage the Klingon ships if we must, but I believe that our primary objective is the destruction of the subspace beacons.

Destroy the subspace beacons.

You start at the lower portion of the colored area on the system map. Travel north through the area encountering each satellite in turn. Each satellite is guarded by either a small group of smaller Klingon ships or a single larger ship. After destroying the ships, focus your attention on the satellite and launch an attack on it. You will have to actively target the satellite by clicking on it as the game will not see it as an enemy.

Tactical Officer:

We've scanned all channels, but Klingon transmissions from this system appear to have ceased.

Our mission here is complete, sir. We can leave whenever you are ready.

Leave the system.

Return to Deep Space 9 and visit Commander Charles on the Operations Deck.

Commander Adina Charles:

The Reimers System has been secure and your report has been confirmed. Carry on.