Mission: Patrol the Kinjun System/Walkthrough

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You begin this mission by visiting the Kinjun system in sector space. You do not need to visit any NPC to launch this mission.

After entering the system, your science officer reports:

Science Officer:

We have arrived in the Kinjun system, Captain. There is a large energy source coming from what looks like a cluster of volcanoes on the northern landmass of Kinjun III.

We will need to approach the planet before we can send an away team to the surface to investigate.

Approach Kinjun III and scan the northern landmass.

Entering orbit around Kinjun III, your science officer reports again:

Science Officer:

Sir, we are in transporter range of Kinjun III. The away team is standing by and can beam down on your orders.
Beam down to Kinjun III and investigate the volcanic cluster.

You pick a single officer to accompany you on your away mission. The game defaults to the first selection of your standard away team. After beaming down, your officer reports:

Away Team Officer:

Captain, we are getting extremely high energy readings from a series of volcanoes in this area.

We need to take a sample of magma to check the radiation levels, as well as measure the seismic activity to see if poses a risk to populated areas.

Take a magma sample from a volcano.

The volcanoes are large mounds of brownish black rock with a lava like substance pooling on one side. Do not get too close else you will surfer a single point of damage each second until you move away. After your first scan, your fellow officer reports:

Away Team Officer:

Captain, the magma appears to contain significant amounts of uridium.

Uridium ore is explosive when subjected to large amounts of heat and pressure -- like that in a volcanic reaction.

This entire planet could be at risk, sir. We should take more readings immediately, and then notify the colonists on the eastern landmass if there is a risk to them.

Collect additional magma samples.

Your next mission goal of scanning four additional volcanoes appears. Using the scan key, find the four additional volcanoes. Scan each when you approach. After doing so, your first officer reports back:

First Officer:

I think we got here just in time, sir. Unless seismic stabilizers are installed immediately, entire sections of this planet's crust could collapse. We don't have the equipment needed on the <<ship name>>, sir, so I'm notifying the colonists that they should prepare to evacuate.

First Officer:

I also am sending a priority one alert to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Perhaps the U.S.S. Da Vinci can be diverted to assist these people before they lose their world.
Leave the system.

Return to Deep Space 9 and visit Commander Charles on the Operations Deck.

Commander Adina Charles:

The Kinjun System has been secure and your report has been confirmed. Carry on.