Mission: Past Imperfect/Walkthrough

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To start off, you will need to defend the USS Enterprise from its attackers. Double click on an enemy ship, get within shooting range, and destroy the enemy ships. One of the ships will get away, the IKS Worving. You will be hailed by the Enterprise, follow your bridge officer's instructions on making contact. Procceed to follow the Worving. You will need to search for the Worving and then disable it. Procceed to board the Worving. Move about the ship and locate Miral Paris. Speak to B'Vat, and then free Miral by disabling the force field next to the chamber she is in. Speak to Miral, wait for the popup box, and click "Return to your ship." Once you are aboard, destroy the Worving. It will be easy to do, since no one is manning it. Warp to the Gateway system at your officer's instructions. Defeat the Klingon ships, beam down to the planet, and use the portal. Speak to the guardian, accept the incoming message, and then return to sector space. Open your map and hail starfleet to report. Congratulations, you have completed "Past Imperfect."