Mission: Passing Credit/Walkthrough

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You begin this mission in the grounds of Starfleet Academy, on Earth, Sol System, Vulcan Sector.

It is started by Federation characters who have skipped the tutorial Missions. Tutorial Missions can only be skipped by a player who already has a character of same the allegiance who has already completed said missions.

Brief[edit | edit source]

You have new orders!

Report to Commander Herthel. He will explain what you need to do.

  • Talk to Commander Herthel at Starfleet Academy
Find Commander Herthel at Starfleet Academy.

You will receive the following rewards:

6000 Experience Point icon.png
720 Expertise icon.png

You start in the grounds of the Academy. Commander Herthel is in the main Academy building to the East of where you beam in.

Go inside and turn right; head through the door marked "Office". He's at the first desk.

Mission Completion[edit | edit source]

Talk to Commander/Commendant Herthel (his title seems to change) and he will inform you that you have qualified from the Academy and are needed by Admiral Quinn, pick up some kit from Lieutenant Searfoss.

The next dialogue box starts the next mission in the chain Tutorial Kitting Out