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Mission: Party Patrol

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Faction Cross-Faction.png Party Patrol
Given by:
Minimum Level:
Cooldown Timer:
January 30, 2014
690 / 945 Experience Point icon.png
595 / 825 Expertise icon.png
Plus one of the following:

Mission Text[edit | edit source]

I threw such an excellent party for myself last year that I think I deserve another party for all my efforts. This year I want even more guests and even more presents!

So I decided to bring back my divided bits of consciousness, because those scamps know how to have fun. Unfortunately, I also brought back their truculence. Half of them won't come to the party at all and will change themselves into other things to get away. The other half don't want to bring presents. Both are simply unacceptable.

Could you please remind the little beasts that attendance at my party is not optional, and they won't be admitted without present.

Thank you, mon frere. I'm always so pleased that you can do so much with your limited, mortal capabilities.

Goal[edit | edit source]

Federation[edit source]

Talk to Q's Party Crashers at Starfleet Academy.

Klingon[edit source]

Talk to Q's Party Crashers at Klingon Academy.
You may complete this mission once per day.
You may complete this mission once per day.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Federation[edit | edit source]

  • Convince the Party Crashers to come to Q's party. (0/5)
  • [FED] Return to Q on Earth Spacedock
  • [RRF] Return to Q on Earth Spacedock or New Romulus Command

Klingon[edit | edit source]

  • Convince the Party Crashers to come to Q's party. (0/5)
  • [KDF] Return to Q on Qo'noS
  • [RRF] Return to Q on Qo'noS or New Romulus Command

Notes[edit | edit source]

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