Mission: Pahvo Dissension/Walkthrough

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This is a defensive mission; the primary goals being:

  1. purify the crystal at the spire,
  2. purifying outlying crystals in each of three regions, and
  3. defending the roots of the spire.

Players should equip themselves accordingly. Gear and traits typically used for “Arena of Sompek” and “Colony Invasion” would be useful (e.g. traits such as Stubborn, Strength of Mind, Slippery Target, Diburnium Mesh) - kit modules such as Fuse Armor would not be.

During the first part of the mission, there are five Agony Field Generators that need to be deactivated and have Pahvan Crystal Clusters placed in their stead.

  • Having each player do one of them in parallel will reduce the overall time needed.
  • Once the crystal at the spire has been purified, there are three paths to separate regions to be followed.
  • There are at least seven such regions (based on the region numbers displayed during the mission); three are randomly assigned to each instance of the TFO.
  • It may be recommended to do each of these as a team of five, unless one or more can "solo" a region, in which case two teams of two and a solo is recommended.

Each region consists of a set of three crystals.

  • The first two crystals in each region are surrounded by three Agony Field Generators, the third is surrounded by five.
  • Initially, only the first crystal in each region is accessible; the others are protected by force fields, which drop as each preceding crystal is purified.
  • It is recommended to first take out the Agony Field Generators and place Pahvan Crystal Clusters before attacking the Terrans, in order to increase the chance of completing the corresponding optional objective. Terrans will otherwise continually beam-in reinforcements.
  • Once placed, the Pahvan Crystal Clusters must be defended. If they take too much damage, they will be destroyed, and purification will not progress until they are replaced.
  • When traveling between crystals, avoid jumping as it may instead transport you back to the spire.
  • Completing all three regions also completes the corresponding optional objective, ends that timer, and advances the mission.
    • If all three regions are not complete when time expires, that optional objective fails (loss of corresponding marks).
  • Once all three regions are complete (or time expires), players are regrouped at the spire.

The "roots" of the spire then need to be defended.

  • At least one but no more than two players should be stationed at each.
  • Terrans will try to place Agony Field Generators at the roots in an attempt to corrupt them. These need to be deactivated and Pahvan Crystal Clusters placed as earlier.
    • If any one root becomes corrupt, that optional objective fails (loss of corresponding marks).
    • If all three roots become corrupt, the mission ends (loss of corresponding marks).
  • Near the end of the mission, "elite" forces including two Captains will beam down. Defeating both Captains will both complete the optional objective and end the mission.


  • For those using the Solar Gateway kit module, it is recommended to place them (far) away from the crystals and roots being purified, as it can otherwise blind other players' visual perspectives and make it difficult (if not impossible) to stay on top of overriding Agony Field Generators and placing Pahvan Crystal Clusters. Placement near the central spire may be useful, allowing them to fire outwards in any direction.