Mission: Outpost 3 Security/Walkthrough

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This mission can be obtained by approaching the Supply Depot in the middle of the map of Deferi Outpost 3 in the Orellius Sector.

As the player approaches each Security Array, five Transphasic Mines decloak around the array. It is adviseable to shoot them simply firing any standard weapon (they will not deal severe damage if not shot, though). After the mines are cleared, the Security Arrays can be repaired. Once repaired, there is a chance that Plesh Brek Frigates, Bleth Choas Fighters or a Chel Grett Cruiser will appear to confront the player.

When playing on lower graphic settings, it might be difficult to locate the arrays. They are, however, on the same height in space, all in the same line with the Supply Depot. Keeping that in mind will help flying to all of them fast. Scaning the location might lead to an anomaly if there is one near the array.

Repair all four Security Arrays, then rendezvous with Outpost 3 to contact the Supply Depot.

This mission might be repeated and has a 20h cooldown.

40 arrays have to be repaired in order to complete the Deferi Satellite Repairman accolade (which means the mission has to be completed 10 times).

While doing this mission, you might encounter the Breen Capital Ship Desna. It appears rarely near the first array and moves counter-clockwise towards the other arrays. Defeating it will count towards the Breen Capital Punishment accolade.