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VZA-4001 System[edit | edit source]

Paktau in Peril[edit | edit source]

Go To VZA-4001 System[edit | edit source]

Travel to the VZA-4001 system in the Orellius sector block.

Answer Distress Call[edit | edit source]

As soon as you enter the system, you will pick up a distress call from one of the missing Deferi ships.

Science Officer:

Sir, we are receiving an emergency distress signal from the Deferi freighter Sabok.

I'm patching it through to the main viewscreen now, sir.

Distress Signal:

To all ships in range, this is the Deferi freighter Sabok! We are under attack and require immediate assistance!

We have no weaponry aboard and our shields are failing. Anyone who can hear this, please help!


Tactical Officer:

It must be one of the Breen raiding parties that we were warned about, sir.

If we don't get there fast, there won't be anyone left aboard to save. I've located the Sabok by tracing their distress signal, sir, and we can engage on your command.

Assist the Deferi freighter.


Tactical Officer:

It must be one of the Breen raiding parties in the area, sir.

If we hurry, we may be able to intercept them before they finish off the freighter and leave the area. Another opportunity for glory, and a chance to show the Deferi the might of the Empire!

Assist the Deferi freighter.

Defend the Sabok[edit | edit source]

Head to the Sabok's location, toward the center of the map. There you will find the ship under attack by a squadron of Breen vessels. Defeat them before the Deferi ship can come to harm.

Respond to Hail[edit | edit source]

The Captain of the Sabok hails you to thank you for the assistance.

Sabok Captain:

Thank you for saving us! Our sister ship, the Paktau, was waylaid by Breen raiders at our scheduled rendezvous point.

We made a micro-warp jump as soon as the Breen arrived and used the magnetic field of the comet to hide our energy signature, but the Breen have better sensors than we do. They found us. If you hadn't come along when you did, we would have been obliterated!

I'm worried about the Breen being at our next stop, so I'm going to try to get there ahead of schedule and be gone before they arrive.

If you could, please find the Paktau. There were dozens of people aboard that ship!

This news is followed immediately by a distress call from the missing Paktau.

Distress Call:

This is the Deferi ship Paktau!

We escaped from a Breen slaver attack and our antimatter containment unit and warp coils are nonfunctional. We need some replacement parts immediately! We're on the edge of a warp core breach!

Is there any ship in range? Please, we need help!

Beam Parts Aboard the Paktau[edit | edit source]

Head to the Paktau's location. Once you are in range, beam the requested parts aboard.

Red Alert![edit | edit source]

No sooner have you rendered assistance to the disabled Deferi vessel than more Breen show up.

Tactical Officer:

Sir, there are Breen ships inbound at warp seven.

Two waves, from the looks of it. The first should be on top of us in a few seconds. Battle stations!

Defend the Paktau.

Defeat Breen Raiders[edit | edit source]

Two squadrons of Breen ships will warp in to attack. The second one will contain at least one Sarr Theln Warship.

Protect the Paktau while she finishes her repairs.

Travel to the Zaria System[edit | edit source]

Once the Breen are defeated and the Deferi have completed repairs, the Captain of the Paktau will hail you with thanks and some more information on the Breen slavers.

Paktau Captain:

Thank your for your fortunate assistance. We should be fine from here.

I want to catch up with our sister ship, the Sabok. They fled at the first sight of the Breen raiders.

We heard some of the slavers who attacked us talking about the Zaria system. If you want to take care of the Breen menace for good, you might want to start by looking for them there.


Engineering Officer:

Course laid in for the Zaria system, sir.

Looks like there's nothing there of interest; just a broken planetoid. The system scans the Deferi provided are fairly out of date, though, so something may have changed.

Standing by to engage on your command, sir.

Travel to the Zaria system.


Engineering Officer:

Course laid in for the Zaria system, sir.

The Zaria system appears to be nothing more than a broken planetoid, but perhaps we will find something that the Deferi missed.

Standing by to engage on your command, sir.

Travel to the Zaria system.

Zaria System[edit | edit source]

Cracked Core[edit | edit source]

Go To Zaria System[edit | edit source]

Travel to the nearby Zaria system.

Defeat Breen Squadrons[edit | edit source]

Engineering Officer:

Sir, that destroyed planet has a dilithium-rich core!

It looks like the Breen have set up a mine inside the remains of the planetoid, and true to form, they're using all the captured Deferi as slave labor.

We'll have to defeat the Breen picket squadrons before we can beam down to the mine. It looks like there is only a small force, sir.

Defeat the Breen force guarding the planetoid.

There are four Breen squadrons circling the mining outpost, preventing your approach.

Beam Down to Dilithium Mine[edit | edit source]

Once the Breen ships are defeated, you are free to approach and see what they are up to.

Tactical Officer:

That's the last of the scout squadrons, sir.

Unfortunately we can't just beam up the Deferi. The Breen have some sort of transporter disruptor field in place. We need to get down there and disable it before we can rescue the Deferi slave laborers.

Beam down and rescue the Deferi.

Gather your away team and go in after the Deferi.

Zaria[edit | edit source]

Deferi Dilithium[edit | edit source]

Secure the Mine[edit | edit source]

Your away team will beam into a large room which appears to be some sort of hangar/cargo storage area.


Science Officer:

Sir, sensors are showing that the Breen are using three separate transport disruptors. We will need to knock out those disruptors before we can transport any of the prisoners back to the Asturias.

The transport distruptors appear to be specifically keyed to Deferi physiology -- that would allow the Breen to beam in and out at will, but the prisoners would be trapped. It also explains why our transporter signal wasn't disrupted.

We will need to neutralize any Breen guard groups inside as well. We can't risk any unexpected Breen technology that might interfere with our rescue operation.

Disable the transport disruptors and engage the Breen guards.


Engineering Officer:

The Breen are using disruption fields to interfere with transporters keyed to Deferi biology. We should be able to beam in and out safely, as will the Breen. However, we must disable these inhibitors before we can beam out the Deferi survivors.

Once we've killed the Breen guards, there should be nobody left to re-enable the transport disruptors.

Disable the transport disruptors and engage the Breen guards.

Take a moment to inspect the prison cells of the Deferi captives being held to one side of the room.

Engineering Officer:

These prison cells are tied into the transporter inhibitors. Shutting the inhibitors down should allow us to rescue the captured Deferi.

I'm also reading additional Deferi lifesigns on other levels. Based on preliminary readings, all cells are connected to the same mechanism.

Proceed to the West exit from the room, which is guarded by a group of Breen, and proceed clockwise around the map.

Disable Transporter Inhibitors[edit | edit source]

There are a total of three transporter inhibitors to disable. One is in the small room to the North of your beam-in location, and the other two are at either end of the long, skinny room to the East.

Defeat Breen Slavemasters[edit | edit source]

There are a total of eight groups of Breen in the mines which must be defeated. The last group is in

Confirm Deferi Evacuation[edit | edit source]

After you have defeated the final group of Breen, you will have essentially come full circle.

Engineering Officer:

That's all the disruptors and guards, sir.

I'm picking up a new contact aboard the station. We may have aroused the curiosity of the Breen commander.

We should make sure the Deferi have beamed away safely before investigating this new threat.

Check on the Deferi captives.

Deactivate the force field preventing you from returning to the hangar area and then go inspect the (now empty) cells.

Science Officer:

We have confirmation that all Deferi prisoners have transported safely. We are clear to return ...

Thot Trel:

You are the one known as <Name>?

I was expecting someone ... more impressive.

After all, Thot Wen was one of my most reliable veterans. Defeating him must have pushed you to your limits.

I'd like to say that I am looking forward to meeting you in person, but because I expect Thot Gran to end your life here I am afraid that won't be possible.

You've been interesting, but ultimately insignificant. Farewell.

Defeat the Breen Captain[edit | edit source]

Thot Gran and several other Breen beam in on top of you and attack.

Depart System[edit | edit source]


Tactical Officer:

That's it! Now that we've taken care of the officer in charge, this entire mining operation should fall apart.

But who sent that message? Thot Trel? Could he be who is behind all of the problems the Deferi are having?

We'll need to look into this in more detail, sir.

Starfleet should be able to send patrols to ensure that the Breen don't set up shop here again, or perhaps the Deferi will establish a dilithium mine here themselves.

We can leave whenever you are ready, sir.

Leave the system.


Engineering Officer:

Now that the officer in charge has been dealt with, this entire mining operation should fall apart.

But who sent that message? Thot Trel? Could he be who is behind all of the problems the Deferi are having?

If that is the case, we must find the cowardly dog and destroy him!

Command should be able to send patrols to ensure that the Breen don't set up shop here again, or perhaps we will be able to convince the Deferi to surrender the rights to this dilithium mine to the Empire.

We can leave whenever you are ready, sir.

Leave the system.

Leave the system and hail Ambassador Surah to report and claim your mission reward.

Ambassador Surah:

The survivors are on their way home, and we will be sending an expedition out to assess the viability of operating the mines ourselves.

I think it would be wise to consider a joint operation with your government -- the resources in the Zaria system are rare, and the best way to maintain the balance may be to share them with you.

Thank you for all of your assistance. Your actions help to preserve the Balance.

Post-Completion[edit | edit source]

After completing “Out in the Cold”, you can speak to your faction's contact about the Deferi's current situation.

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  • I.K.S. <Shipname> reporting in.
Chancellor J'mpok:

I hear that you have been earning glory in battle against the Breen, in Deferi space.

It is always good to show other planets the strength and honor of the Klingon Empire.

  • The Deferi are powerless against the Breen.
Chancellor J'mpok:

Our Empire owes a debt of honor to the Deferi, as you may recall. Your honorable conduct and loyalty to the Emperor ... and the Empire ... will not go unnoticed.

The Breen are a nuisance, and this will be an excellent opportunity to show them that they are not immune to the wrath of the Klingons! If we protect the Deferi, they may even give up their Preserver secrets willingly.

Continue to do battle and show your strength!