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Mission: Operation Gamma/Walkthrough

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DS9[edit | edit source]

You are directed to destroy DS9's sensor pods in order (Alpha, Beta..etc) do not worry if they do not appear in order just keep destroying them and the worker bees as they appear before the enemy ships attacking you.

Assist Farek[edit | edit source]

When you start interacting with items, pay attention to the bar above the item. This tells you what sequence (one of the three available) to use to get the proper sequence to complete the task.

Engineering Tasks[edit | edit source]


  1. Resonance Frequency Scan
  2. Geologic Analysis


  1. Geologic Analysis
  2. Micromographic Analysis


  1. Micromographic Analysis
  2. Particle Beam

Tactical Tasks[edit | edit source]

All Satellites are named the same. "Defense Satellite (Tactical)"

  1. Approach the satellite within 1 KM.
  2. Begin to deactivate the satellite.
  3. The satellite will begin a task when you begin to deactivate it.
  4. Use the name of the task to determine what type of satellite it is.

If it is an active Satellites, then

  1. Quantum Scan
  2. Remove Ionic Power Core

(the satellites keep changing the commands to disable them)

If it has active Sensors

  1. Remove Ionic Power Core
  2. Deactivate Sensor Batteries

(the satellites keep changing the commands to disable them)

If it has an enemy Detection

  1. Deactivate Sensor Batteries
  2. Magnetic Wave Pulse

(the satellites keep changing the commands to disable them)

Science Tasks[edit | edit source]

Radiogenic particles

  1. Active Polaron Scan
  2. Polythermal Scan

Trianium Particles

  1. Polythermal Scan
  2. Quantum Scan

Nucleogenic Particles

  1. Quantum Scan
  2. High-Frequency Sweep