Mission: Nimbus Dance Competition/Walkthrough

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No challenge here if you get the instructions - make sure you understand what its asking for.

Go to the dance floor - watch for the fly in notices - hope you still have them turned on.

For each dance - in the chat window type /em dance_..... Replace the ..... with the matching dance layout from the dance instruction.

Request Emote
Just Dance /em Dance
Club Dance /em Dance_Club
Leg Kick /em Dance_LegKick
Raise the Roof /em Dance_RaiseTheRoof
Robot /em Dance_Robot
Side Step /em Dance_SideStep
Wave Hands /em Dance_WaveHands
Snake /em Dance_Snake

If you type fast enough to meet the time window - you will be awarded with the Dance award and 595 experience.

Its a daily activity so come back and unwind.

If you do not want to type the commands into your chat window or having trouble completing them in the time you can pin your emotes list to your window. Scroll down to the dance moves, you may need to expand it slightly to see all of them. When a dance is called select the corresponding dance from the emote list.