Mission: Minefield/Walkthrough

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Attack Pattern Sierra[edit | edit source]

Go to Sierra II Outpost System[edit | edit source]

Go to the Sierra Outpost II System in the Sierra Sector of the Alpha Centauri Sector Block

Sierrra Attack[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

Captain, the outpost is under attack!

We have to fend off those Romulan ships or they'll destroy the outpost and everyone in it!

Defend the outpost.

Follow the asteroid belt towards the Station. There are some Romulan Bird-of-Prey and Mogai Escortsquadrons in the belt, which do not count towards the defense of the outpost (You can skip them) If you do engage them, be careful of the heavy plasma torpedoes, since they can damage your hull and your shields in the same shot. Once you reached the Asteroid, which contains the outpost you will have to fend of three waves of Enemies, either [[[Mogai Escort]]s or Romulan Bird-of-Preys.

Beam down to the outpost[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

Captain, incoming hail from the sation.

It's from S'larin, the Vulcan scientist designing the new mines. Would you like me to put him on the main viewscreen?


<rank>, while you were wasting time there in orbit the Romulans sent a team of commandos to the outpost.

If your away team doesn't stop them soon, the explosives they are planting will destroy this entire station.

People will die due to your ... negligence. That is unacceptable.
Beam down to the outpost and engage he Romulan invaders.

Precious Cargo[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

Sir, sensors show Romulan lifesigns as well as several injured Starfleet Officers. We can beam the injured directly to our sickbay.

I'm also detecting three spatial charges planted throughout the station. We should disarm those as soon as possible, sir.

Captain, S'larin is wating for us. He may have more information about the situation.

Speak with Slarin.

S'larin is just ahead of you. He has some background information. Click "What can we do to help?" to continue.


<rank>, you need to tag the crates containing the experimental mines and them beam them directly to the Main Engineering onboard the <shipname>. I need to run some final tests on them before we can deploy the minefiled.

Move quickly, <rank>. There is a 96.47 percent chance that the Romulans will send reinforcements when they do not hear from their comrades. I will beam aboard your ship and begin making the necessary preparations to deploy the minefield.

Beam S'larin to your ship, and then tag the crates for transport

Transport S'larin. Now you have to tasks:

  • Defuse the Spatial Charges (3 pieces)
  • Tag the Crates

There is a Charge in every of the three rooms (excluding the one you beamed into) The crates are all in the last room of the map, hidden behind the other static crates. The crate in the bottom left corner also has a little surprise for you: Once its beamed up a Romulan Subcommander will beam in. There is no need to beam up the injured scientists, though a good starfleed officer would do so...

Return to Ship[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

The station is secure, sir. We should return to the Darkness.

Return to your ship

Serve and Protect[edit | edit source]

Go To Teneebia System[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

Captaion, S'larin has completed his preparations and the mines are ready to be deployed.

We need to travel to the Teneebia system and set the minefield near the transwarp condut there.

Return to Sector Space and travel to the Teneebia system.

After leaving the Sierra II outpost System, you now have to go for the Teneebia System located in the Teneebia Sector of the Alpha Centauri Sector Block It's located on the left side of the Sector block.

Destroy Large Rubindium Asteroids (5)[edit | edit source]


Captain, you must remove those rubindium-bearing asteroids from the deployment zone.

The high rubindium content will mask the trace metals in Stargleed hulls. The mines' detection system is unable to compensate for this variance and they will attack both friend and foe. This is unacceptable.

Destroy the rubindium asteroids.

There are five of the asteroids in the belt ahead. Once destroyed they will break into smaller pieces, which also have to be destroyed.

Deploy Mines[edit | edit source]


Captain, I have completed my preparations for deploying the mines.

You you have completed your task as well, we may be able to deplay the mines before the Romulan fleed arrives.

Engineering Officer:

Sir, Starfleet has deployed nav-beacons to assist us in placing the mines in the most efficient manner. They are located in the vicinity of the transwarp hub.

According to S'larin, the mines use an intelligent distribution model to arrange themselves for maximum coverage.

All we need to do is beam them out near each of the beacons.

Approach the navigational beacons and transport the mines off your ship.

There are three spots to deploy the mines at. all are located between the transwarp gate and the asteroid belt. They are defended by Mogai Escorts or groups of T'varo Light Warbirds.

Keep the Transwarp Conduit Clear[edit | edit source]

Captain, the mines require time to synchronize their AI network. You will need to defend the mines until they are initialized. Anyone can approach and destroy them with impunity until then.

Defend the minefield until it is operational

Move for the Transwarp Conduit and eliminate all enemies heading in the system. There are two ways to accomplish success:

Return to Sector Space[edit | edit source]


I may have been in error, Admiral.

You are more competent that you appeared to be.

The mines are operatiional and the transwarp conduit is safe. I will include my positive evaluation of your performance in my report to Starfleet Command.

Engineering Officer:

The mines are active, Captain.

Federation ships will be able to use this transwarp hub, but Romulan and Klingon ships will be blocked. They'll have to travel by normals means, and even at high warp, Starfleet should have enough time to detect an incoming attack and prepare a defense.

I'm glad we've done our part to keep the core worlds safe, Captain.

We can depart from this system on your command.

Depart System

Report to Starfleet[edit | edit source]

Admiral T'nae:

Blocking the transwarp network from the Romulans will keep the core worlds of the Federation safe from a suprise attack.

Sela will not stop until she has revenge for the loss of the Romulan homeworld. But the Romulans' rage will only cause more grief. They cannot heal until they put aside their emotions

<3 Vulcans. Much wise.

Choose a reward and be happy to have deployed another minefield nobody will ever defuse again....