Mission: Mine Trap/Walkthrough

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Map of the area. Note a player left their district - do not do this.
Dialog box at the beginning of the mission. Tells you what district your team is assigned to.
Team information. If your team is hundreds of meters away, check to be sure you're in the right district.
  • Always remember that your mission is not to kill Salt Vampires; your mission is to rescue the Romulans.
  • Weapons that usually attack multiple targets (such as any type of Pulsewave) are especially useful in this mission.
  • When you beam in, you'll see a dialog box that tells you which district you're assigned to, and it will be the title just above your mini-map. Take a careful look and remember your district.
  • Each of the four rescue teams is assigned to one of the four districts. It's very important that you always stay in the district you start in; the civilians and your teammates are counting on you. If you forget which district is yours, look on the map or mini-map for the majority of team-mate indicators and be sure you're in the same area as they are.
  • Players do not choose which district they want to take care of; stay in the district where your team initially beamed down to.
  • The colors on the important buildings match the colored outlines on the map and mini-map. Use these colors to help stay in the correct district.
  • If you see several other players around you with white names, probably you're doing it right (or else you're all doing it wrong).
  • If you see several other players around you with names that are not white, probably you're doing it wrong (or else they are).
  • If you die, don't call for help; your teammates are busy saving Romulans and can't drop what they're doing to come revive you. Just Respawn and return to your district as rapidly as you can. Keep in mind that rescuers respawn in the mining district, even if they are assigned to a different district.
  • Phase 1:
    • One person will examine a dead Romulan. This starts the 2:30 timer for this phase of the mission. Do NOT be in a rush to start: at least wait until all of your team members arrive. Other rescuers might have been doing something completely different before beaming down and might need a few moments to prepare to be at their best.
    • Each player approaches the Romulan civilians in their area and warns them to return to their homes and take shelter.
    • Some of the Romulans will turn into Salt Vampire Betas. Worry the most about warning other Romulans, and less about killing the Salt Vampire Betas.
    • Up to 32 Romulans can be saved per district. Those still wandering when the timer runs out will be killed. You want to warn as many Romulans as possible.
    • If a Beta is too close to a Romulan, they'll be frightened and they won't be able to listen to your warning to return home.
  • Phase 2:
    • The rescuers have 2 minutes to fortify the districts' buildings.
    • Each building (except Market 4) can have its door, windows, and walls fortified. You need Fortification Materials to do so; they are available from the large boxes scattered throughout the area.
    • You can locate the nearest Fortification Materials using your scanner.
    • Don't worry about which fortification you're making to a building; just be sure to make as many fortifications to the buildings in your district as you can.
    • Market Building 4 is bugged and cannot be fortified: materials and time used on it are wasted.
    • You can still fortify buildings after time runs out and through most of the next phase, however; the game generally does not make a surplus of materials available to repair buildings that have been damaged.
Example of freeloaders on the roof of a Market District building; they did not contribute in any way, and all Market District buildings were destroyed.
  • Phase 3:
    • For 5 minutes, Salt Vampires will spawn from Subterranean Entrances and attack the buildings where the Romulans are hiding.
    • Destroying the entrances will help slow the Salt Vampires' onslaught, but new entrances continue to appear throughout the phase.
    • A single Salt Vampire can destroy a building if given enough time.
    • It's best for the team to spread out within the district to provide maximum coverage for the buildings.
    • Each team has 5 people to protect 4 buildings; a common strategy is for 1 team member to guard each building while the 5th person roams the district to help where needed. It certainly can happen that 1 person can get overwhelmed with Salt Vampires attacking the building they're watching, and need some help.
    • Do NOT try to stand in the middle of several buildings and kill all the Salt Vampires. This is a VERY BAD strategy and will often result in buildings being destroyed, and perhaps the entire district being wiped out. Your mission is to save colonists, not kill Salt Vampires.
    • Focus on attacking the specific Salt Vampires that are attacking buildings. Often just shooting them a few times will be enough to get them to stop attacking a building, but sometimes you will have to kill them to get them to stop attacking the building. If they're walking towards you, they're no longer a problem; find a different Salt Vampire that is attacking a building to focus on.
    • Remember that your mission is to save the colonists, not fret about your own safety. Most Salt Vampires walk very slowly and do very little damage when attacking rescuers, so it's important that you not be very concerned with your own safety, but be the most concerned with the Salt Vampires attacking buildings during this phase.
    • Salt Vampire Betas lure Romulans out of their buildings. Kill these Betas or else they will kill the Romulan they lured out. These Betas are focused on the Romulan they've lured, making it very easy to flank them. However; using location Area Effect attacks (such as Exothermic Induction Field) will simply make them move out of the area of effect.
    • If Salt Vampires destroy a building, all Romulans hiding within it are lost, reducing your reward. This is why it's most important to focus on shooting Salt Vampires which are attacking buildings, and not worry about killing them, nor worry about most of the ones attacking you.
    • Several buildings have some areas where you can't see unless you go look around a corner to see if a Salt Vampire is there. Be sure you carefully observe every part of whichever buildings you're watching. This is a part of why standing in the middle of several buildings is a VERY bad idea.
    • When the timer runs out, all Salt Vampires that are still attacking (except Betas and Alphas) will sit down and stop their attack. Betas and Alphas will continue attacking, however. At this point, it is important to kill them as quickly as possible.
    • If your district loses all of it's buildings, quickly adopt a nearby district and stick with them throughout the rest of the mission.
  • Phase 4:
    • As always, be SURE that you stay with your team! This is very important throughout the rescue mission. If in doubt where your team is, look on the map or mini-map to find their team-mate indicators.
    • At this point, the Romulans will leave their buildings and congregate at the edge of the district.
    • It's VERY IMPORTANT that you do NOT run out ahead of the Romulans! Be SURE that you let them congregate before you move out, or else they and the rescuers will be spread out too thin, and you are likely to lose civilians.
    • You have 4 minutes to lead them to the shuttle evacuation site. They already know the route; you need to protect them on the way there, keep them moving, and revive any that fall down.
    • Salt Vampires will spawn along the way. You must kill all of them.
    • Avoid losing Romulans along the route. Remember to revive them if they lay down! After they lay down, you have a very limited time to revive them, so be quick!
    • Some Romulans will stop in their tracks and you'll need to tell them to keep going. One or two team members needs to follow everybody and make sure no Romulans are left behind.
  • Phase 5:
    • The final part is not timed.
    • Shuttles will fly down and pick up 3 Romulans per landing.
    • Salt Vampires will spawn until the last Romulans are saved.
    • Do NOT take up a position (such as the top of the rim of the landing zone) where you will be unable to attack some Subterranean Entrances. The Romulans and your teammates are counting on you to be able to attack any and all Subterranean Entrances that appear.
    • Alphas will periodically crawl up. Destroy the Subterranean Entrance they come from, otherwise a new Alpha is likely to crawl out of there soon after you kill the first one.
    • During this phase too, if a Romulan falls down unconscious, you can and should revive them, but you have to be quick.
    • Its common that rescuers from districts with the fewest remaining Romulans to run to the landing sites of districts with more Romulans waiting and help them guard the remaining Romulans.
  • Finale:
    • When all districts' Romulans have been saved, you have 20 seconds to relax and celebrate.
    • After that, you have to wait a few more seconds before you are awarded Romulan and Fleet marks.

Keep checking back with these play tips; they get improved over time.