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Hfihar System[edit | edit source]

Tracking the Target[edit | edit source]

Travel to the Hfihar system in the Psi Velorum sector block and enter the system.

Locate the Magnesite Mine[edit | edit source]

Engineering Officer:

Captain, the Remans were targeting a magnesite mine in this area, but the list we recovered didn't have its exact coordinates.

I know we're in the right area, but all of the moons in this system are inhabited and our sensors are being affected by the magnesite. We'll need to contact each moon to try to determine which one the Remans were actually targeting.

Find the magnesite mine.

There are three moons to check on, all more or less in a line. Head towards t'Rllaillieu, the closest moon.

Contact Moon t'Rllaillieu[edit | edit source]

Once you are close enough, you can hail the first moon.


Orion Attacker:
You've stuck your nose in our business for the last time, Starfleet!

All ships! Attack! Attack!


Orion Attacker:
Melani D'ian and her minions may have sworn fealty to the Klingon Empire, but we did not!

I bend knee for no one! Leave now or be destroyed!

A group of Orion ships ambush you, so teach them the error of their ways.

Contact Moon Lyoia[edit | edit source]

Proceed to the second moon and hail the occupants once you are close enough.


This moon is private property!

No solictors, beggars or Starfleet allowed!

Science Officer:
They're not very hospitable around here are they?

This is a dangerous area, and it's only gotten worse since the destruction of Romulus. It might be difficult to get someone to trust us.


This moon is private property!

No solictors, beggars or Klingons allowed!

Science Officer:
These people are rude and insolent.

This is a ship of the Klingon Empire! They should speak to us with more respect!

Obviously someone doesn't want to be disturbed. Rude, perhaps, but you're looking for a Ferengi who is selling ore; and a Ferengi would never rudely turn away potential customers.

Contact Moon Khoal[edit | edit source]

Approach and hail the final moon, which turns out to be the one you were looking for all along.


Hello, my good friends!

I'm so happy to meet you! Perhaps you are in the market for some high-quality magnesite? We have the finest ore in the quadrant!

On behalf of the miners and residents here, I'm more than happy to welcome you to our home. Please -- transport to the surface.


Unfortunately, the large amounts of extremely pure magnesite ore in the core of our little world will interfere with your sensors. For safety reasons, I must insist that you use the transporter signal enhancers that I have installed at my own expense.

Also -- I know you Starfleet types are so fond of your away teams, but could you please restrict the number of crew you bring down to the surface? My people here aren't used to strangers, and you wouldn't want to disrupt their work, would you?

Beam down to the surface.


Unfortunately, the large amounts of extremely pure magnesite ore in the core of our little world will interfere with your sensors. For safety reasons, I must insist that you use the transporter signal enhancers that I have installed at my own expense.

Also -- I know Klingons are fond of their battle parties, but could you please restrict the number of crew you bring down to the surface? My people here aren't used to strangers, and you wouldn't want to disrupt their work, would you?

Beam down to the surface.

Beam down to Moon[edit | edit source]

Now that you have made contact with Madran, you may beam down to the surface. Per his request, you will only be taking a single member of your crew to accompany you. Make it someone who compliments your combat abilities.

Science Officer:

We're ready to beam down on your command, Captain.

Hfihar Magnesite Mine[edit | edit source]

Query in the Quarry[edit | edit source]

Talk to Madran[edit | edit source]

You will beam in at one end of the mining colony; Madran is on the other end. You will have to navigate the "streets" until you reach him.

Along the way are a number of Romulan Refugees that you can speak to about Madran, the colony, and the mine, though you can speak with them later if you prefer. There are also a few Romulan Civilians tucked in out of the way locations who will react with hostility to your approach; leave them alone unless you're looking for a fight.

The first Romulan Refugee you come across on your way to Madran is worried about his brother:

Romulan Refugee:

Please, have you seen my brother?

  • Tell me about your life here.

Romulan Refugee:

My life?

My life is unimportant! It's my brother! I can't find him!

  • Maybe I can help. How long has he been missing?

Romulan Refugee:

I last saw him two days ago.

Madran assigned both of us to work in the upper level of the mine. Toshin's drill bit broke, and he needed a new one.

I know I should have went with him! It's not safe to be in the mine alone!

Now he's gone!

  • Why isn't it safe to be in the mine?

Romulan Refugee:

There's a group of people down there who treat the mine like it's their own.

I don't know why Madran tolerates them, but they make life miserable for the rest of us. They steal, and they terrorize the weak. Once I saw them dragging a woman into the lower levels, and I ... I never saw her again.

She wasn't the only one. Many people have disappeared. I thought if my brother and I kept our heads down that we would be safe, but ... maybe they took him!

Murderers! If they've killed my brother, I'll kill them all!

  • Is there anything else I should know?

Romulan Refugee:

If you go into the mine, watch for the silver spheres.

There are creatures in the dark. Devils. They are made of stone -- nothing can hurt them! And their touch burns!

I have seen them, moving around in the tunnels. Anywhere you see the silver spheres, the monsters are not far away.

The second Romulan Refugee you run across on the way to Madran is a bit more friendly and philosophical about the situation:

Romulan Refugee:

Jolan tru, stranger.

  • Have you always lived here?

Romulan Refugee:

My family and I have been here all of our lives. It's a hard life, but it is all I know.

My mother used to tell me tales of the homeworld. She'd talk about the plazas in Rateg, or vacations she spent with her father on the shores of the Apnex Sea. And she would tell me about my father, who gave up his place in the military evacuation ship so she could live. He ... he never knew he had a child.

She would tell me these stories, and later, when she thought I was asleep, she would cry.

  • Tell me about Madran.

Romulan Refugee:

He charges us too much and pays too little. He is like everyone else in this world -- out for himself.

But he doesn't let us starve, and if a child needs medicine they get it. Many here grumble and hate him, but I cannot.

If I were in his position, and his life was in my hands, can I say that I would act differently than he does?

  • What can you tell me about this area?

Romulan Refugee:

Stay in the settlement. Don't go down into the mine, and whatever you do, don't leave this area!

I do not wish you harm, stranger. And there are many dangers here.

There is a group ... they rule the mine, and they are dangerous. Even Madran fears them. If you avoid them, they will ignore you. Defy them, and they will turn on you. Last week a good man died because he would not give them what they wanted. He was not the first.

There are many monsters on this moon that you would be wise to avoid.

Outside of the settlement, there are packs of wild animals. If you take a warrigul from its mother when it is very young, it can be tamed. If you wait too long, they are savage. Packs of wild warrigul roam the edges of our settlement. Often they prowl the refuse piles looking for scraps of food. A pack of warrigul can kill even a strong man -- you must be careful when you are in their territory.

And they are not the only monsters here. The miners tell stories about creatures made of stone who can burn you to cinders. I have not seen one of these creatures myself, but I know that many people who enter the mine do not leave it.

  • Have you seen anyone suspicious around here?

Romulan Refugee:

You are the first outsider I have seen in a long time.

There is no reason for anyone to want to come here.

The third Romulan Refugee you run across on the way to Madran isn't quite as philosophical about the situation, especially where Madran is concerned, but is at least pragmatic:

Romulan Refugee:

We don't see strangers here very often. What do you want?

  • Tell me about your life here.

Romulan Refugee:

What can I say? We exist.

I mine because there is nothing but rocks on this forsaken planet. If I am lucky, I dig enough ore to make my quota, and Madran pays me. If he pays me, I can eat and have a warm place to sleep.

If we don't make our quotas, there's nothing. Even if I do have latinum, most of it goes to Madran to pay my debts, and the rest he takes in exchange for the supplies he imports.

I would leave, but I owe too much to Madran to ever earn enough to buy my passage off of this place. Besides -- where would I go?

  • Tell me about Madran.

Romulan Refugee:

Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake is curse that Ferengi's name.

Madran found this moon about two years after the destruction of the homeworld. Most of our equipment was broken or useless, the supplies were gone and we were starving. After some ... negotiations ... Madran had his contracts and we had food.

We're supposed to be working with him, but he is the only one who benefits from our labor. Madran owns the only working ship here, so no supplies come in without him. He negotiates all of the ore contracts, so most of the latinum goes into his pocket. And he sets the prices for food, medicine and equipment, so everyone here owes him more than we can ever repay.

He owns us now. I hate him for that, but I can't live without him.

  • Do you get help from the Empire?

Romulan Refugee:

The Empire?

Bah! What Empire? Our empire turned to dust with the loss of the homeworld.

If you're rich or in the military, then maybe there is something. I hear that the people in Sela's shining city in the Rator system live quite well ... as long as they obey her commands.

For the rest of us, there is nothing but dust and regrets.


  • The Federation has sent aid. We want to help all Romulans!
Romulan Refugee:
I have heard this, but I have not seen that it is true.

Are you going to go to every Romulan on every world and hand them bread? Because that is the only way that you can help all of us.

The strong take from the weak. Sela and her ships are strong. The Tal Shiar is strong.

Your "aid" goes to fill their bellies and heal their wounds, Starfleet. Not mine.


  • Why don't you fight Madran and take back what is yours?
Romulan Refugee:
A few people tried to take Madran's ship once, when he was sleeping off the tranya he drinks. It has a biometric lock -- nothing on the ship responds to anyone but him.

So what would we gain by fighting? A moon full of rocks and no one to sell them to. No food, and no way to get more. No way to leave, and no hope.

I hate Madran, but because of him my children don't cry out in hunger or shiver from the cold.

Finally, you will come across the Ferengi busy exploiti... er, being entreprenurial. At the top of the hill, flanked by Nausicaan bodyguards, you will find Madran managing the whole operation.


On behalf of everyone on this forsaken rock, let me be the first to welcome you to Hfihar.

As you can see, we don't have time for pleasantries, and I'm not sharing my tranya stash with you. So why don't we skip the chit-chat and get down to business?

  • Of course. I've heard you are an excellent source of magnesite. What makes your mine better than the others in the sector?


Unfortunately I cannot call this mine my own -- I'm just a middle man. Out of the goodness of my heart, I help the residents here pass on the products of their hard work to commerical entities such as yourself. The miniscule transaction fee and trade tariff I keep to offset my expenses is figured into the unit cost of the ore.

My operation has become one of the best in the area because of the high demand for my services from both sides. I provide the best mining equipment and supplies in the sector to the miners, while my customers get competitive pricing on the ore they need.

  • Do you have any more information about the mines themselves?


I don't pay much attention to that. Miners have empty carts, and they return with ones filled with ore.

If you're that interested, you could visit the mines themselves, but I don't recommend it. It's such a dirty, disagreeable business. And I'm convinced that breathing ore dust for too long is terrible for you -- the miners who live near my quarters used to keep me up night after night with their dreadful coughing! I had to install soundproofing just to get some sleep!

Are you sure you wouldn't rather look at the ore I have for sale?

  • Thanks, but I'd like to talk to the miners first.


Really? Suit yourself!

Just remember -- I have an exclusive contract to export magnesite ore from this moon. If you try to cut me out of your deals, you'll regret it!

  • I just have a few questions before we conduct business. I'll be back when I'm done.

Bridge Officer:

Madran won't answer any questions about why the Remans might be targeting this place for fear of scaring us away from a possible sale. Perhaps if we ask some of the locals about what's going on here, they'll be able to provide more information.
Question miners.

Question Miners[edit | edit source]

Head back out into the colony and speak with the Romulan colonists. The three Romulan Refugees that were there before can still be spoken with. There are three more individuals that you can interact with, each of which will unlock an optional objective if you are the correct character class.

If you head back the way you came, the first one of these you encounter will be a Romulan Surveyor:

Romulan Surveyor:

I'm sorry, I can't really talk at the moment. I have to finish a survey of the area so the miners can start work on a new mineshaft.
  • Is there anything I can do to help?

Romulan Surveyor:

As much as I'd appreciate someone else to lug around this heavy equipment, it's all very delicate and I'd only trust a capable scientist to help me.
Science training is required to complete this optional objective.

Science captains can pick up an optional objective from the Romulan Surveyor.

  • [Science] Is there anything I can do to help?

Romulan Surveyor:

I need someone who is familiar with the techniques involved in sonar analysis of soil compositions.

How good is your pedology?

  • I just completed a continuing education program on pedology.

Romulan Surveyor:

I've marked some coordinates on your map. Please go there, scan the soil content and report back to me.

This will grant you the Aid in the Geological Survey optional objective.

The second objective-giving individual you will encounter is a Bullied Refugee:

Bullied Refugee:

I can't talk to you. I can't talk to anyone!

I'm on the run, and if those thugs see me talking to you, then you'll be in danger too.

  • Is there anything I can do to help?

Bullied Refugee:

Look at you!

You're almost as scrawny as I am, and I haven't eaten in two days!

Thanks, but I need a real fighter on my side. These guys would kill you, and I don't want your blood on my hands.

Tactical training is required to complete this optional objective.

Tactical captains can pick up an optional objective from the Bullied Refugee.

  • [Tactical] Is there anything I can do to help?

Bullied Refugee:

I need someone who's not afraid of a fight.

There's a group here that are beating and stealing from us. Madran doesn't do anything to stop it. For all I know, he's getting a cut of everything they take!

They're making life miserable for all of us. Would you be willing to help?

  • Count me in.

Bullied Refugee:

There is a group of bullies that have been stealing from us. If we don't give them what they want, they beat us.

I had a friend ... all he was trying to do here was feed his family, be a good man! He had an old bottle of ale ... he said it was from the homeworld. One of those thugs wanted it. Now my friend is dead.

I'm too weak to stop them. I know that. And now I have my friend's children to feed in addition to my own. But if someone were to teach them a lesson, this camp would be a better place for all of us.

This will grant you the Help Bullied Refugees optional objective

The final objective-giving individual, located near your original beam-in point, is a Drill Operator:

Drill Operator:

I don't have time to talk to you right now -- I need to repair this drill so I can make a living.
  • Is there anything I can do to help?

Drill Operator:

Not unless you know an engineer who'd be willing to take a few moments out of their busy schedule to help me fix this hunk of junk!
Engineering training is required to complete this optional objective.

Engineering captains can pick up an optional objective from the Drill Operator.

  • [Engineering] Is there anything I can do to help?

Drill Operator:

Not unless you know anything about laser induction coils.

You don't by any chance know anything about laser induction coils, do you?

  • As a matter of fact, I do.

Drill Operator:

If I ask Madran for a replacement laser induction coil, he'll charge me a hundred times what it's worth.

He's the only one who brings supplies to this planet. I remember when we had regular contact with the homeworld, and my brother there would send a package of sweets for my children in every transport. Now ....

I can't dwell on the past. My problem is this broken drill.

I have to fix it, or I won't make quota. We salvage parts from old equipment, and sometimes other people here will trade components. But this requires some specific components.

If you think you can help me, I'll mark your map with the locations of some people who might have what we need.

This will grant you the Help Repair Mining Equipment optional objective

Once you have acquired one of these optional objectives, the Question Miners objective will be complete.

Aid Miners in Exchange for Information[edit | edit source]

You must complete one of the optional objectives to get information on the mine before you try to enter it.

(Optional) Help Bullied Refugees[edit | edit source]

There are three groups of Refugee Thugs around the settlement that are each harrassing a Bullied Refugee; they are marked on your map. Go battle the thugs and rescue the Bullied Refugees.

After completing this task, return to Bullied Refugee who enlisted your help.

Bullied Refugee:

Thank you! Those guys have been giving everyone a lot of trouble.

These thugs are part of a larger group that operates deep inside the magnesite mine. They control the lower levels, and no one who goes down there uninvited ever comes back.

I don't know what's so important down there that it's worth hurting us to protect it. Maybe if you went down there you could get some answers.

You will receive the Gang Violence Task Force accolade and complete the Aid Miners in Exchange for Information objective.

(Optional) Help Repair Mining Equipment[edit | edit source]

There will be three locations marked on the map; you must go to these locations and speak with a refugee located there to procure spare parts for the drill.

The first location is near the Drill Operator, and the refugee is fairly suspicious of you and your motives:

Romulan Refugee:

You're an outsider here ... why should I trust you? I could give this spare part to someone who really needs it!

Tell me this: How do you avoid breaking your drill bits when you hit a pocket of magnesite?

A possible answer will be one of your response options, but it will change every couple of seconds, so watch it and only click on the answer when it displays the correct one. If you fail, you can try again, however.

  • "Slow the rotational speed of the drill bit"

Romulan Refugee:


You obviously know your way around this equipment. I'm sorry -- I thought you were just another one of Madran's lackeys.

He controls every second of our lives. I can't work without him, and I can't eat without buying the food from him. So the pitiful wages he pays just end up back in his pocket.

Take the part you need. We miners need to stick together!

The second location is just around the corner from the Bullied Refugee who enlists the help of Tactical captains. This refugee seems to be much more friendly and hands over the parts without any fuss.

Romulan Refugee:

I have a few spare parts. I'm sure I have what you need to get the drill working again.

The final location is near the Romulan Surveyor. They do not react well at all to your approach:

Romulan Refugee:

I can't pay Madran right now, and if I can't pay my load fees I can't sell any ore.

I'm going to keep working. Maybe I can trade with someone. No one has any latinum, but maybe I can acquire something that Madran will take in exchange for a portion of my debt.

Romulan Refugee:

Stop chasing me!

The Refugee will flee from you.

Bridge Officer:

Captain, this miner thinks Madran sent us to collect on some debt.

We need to catch him and explain. We aren't here for latinum -- we need his help to repair the drill.

Pursue the fleeing Refugee, who will stop occasionally, and flee again each time you approach.

Romulan Refugee:

I can't pay Madran back.

Romulan Refugee:

Leave me alone!

Finally, they will give up fleeing and talk to you, so you can explain that you're not a Nausicaan knee-breaker.

Romulan Refugee:

I give up!

Romulan Refugee:

Don't hurt me! I don't have the latinum now, but I can ...

Oh? Madran didn't send you here to break my kneecaps?

I have a daughter in the Rator system. I thought I could contact her to send me some latinum, but Madran won't let me use the subspace array.

You see, I owe him some money, and I didn't make my quota last month because I was sick and ....

But that's life, isn't it? All you can do is try to hang on to whatever you have left.

I'll give you the part you need. Take it, and I hope it solves your problem.

With the required spare parts in hand, return to Drill Operator and hand them over.

Drill Operator:

Thank you! With these parts I can fix this drill and get back to work. I need to make my quota today, or Madran will cut my pay again.

I already owe him so much latinum, I don't know how I'll ever repay it. He brings in food and supplies that we need, but the prices are so high ....

I remember the dark days after we lost Romulus. There were no supply shipments for months. I had to listen to my children cry because they were so hungry.

I might spend the rest of my life in debt, but I have a life.

To answer your question, though, I don't know what makes this mine different from any other mine. The magnesite isn't any different!

Maybe there are some veins with less impurities in the lower levels of the mine. I wouldn't know. There's a group of thugs who keep everyone away from those areas, and I won't risk a beating just to satisfy my curosity.

If you want to risk checking it out, that's your business.

You will receive the Drill Doctor accolade and complete the Aid Miners in Exchange for Information objective.

(Optional) Aid in the Geological Survey[edit | edit source]

A large area will be marked on your map. Enter it and perform a geological scan. You will learn a bit more information and narrow down your search area as the circle marked on the map gets smaller.

Repeat this process several times and you will have located the magnesite vein you need; the farther you go into the circle when you scan, the more the circle will narrow with each scan.

Bridge Officer:

The mohorovic discontinuity in this area suggests that there may be a large vein of magnesite located nearby to the north west of our position.

Bridge Officer:

Mineralogical analysis of the rock in this area shows signs of a magnesite vein to our west.

Bridge Officer:

The stratification of the rock beneath us is increasing in its concentration of magnesite. There are signs of a major vein located to the south west of our position.

Bridge Officer:

We are starting to see magnesite veins in the rocks underneath us, but they appear to be part of a larger lode. Perhaps if we can examine the area to our south we could get a better understanding about just how rich this lode is.

The location you are searching for will turn out to be located somewhat near Madran on the map, near what looks like part of a crashed space ship. You will probably find yourself having to fight a pack of Warriguls to finish your survey.

Bridge Officer:

We found the major source of magnesite in the area. If a new mine is drilled here, it will make the previous one look like it's been tapped dry.

Now go report back to the Surveyor.

Romulan Surveyor:

Thank you so much for your help. This information will be incredibly useful when we're ready to tap a new vein of ore.

To answer your question, I'm not sure what makes this mine special. I haven't had much chance to explore the whole thing, though. My shuttle broke down in this system six weeks ago. Madran was happy to pick me up, but he's holding my shuttle until I've worked off the costs of the repairs. I can't wait to get off this rock!

I have seen some strange people in the lower levels of the mine. I tried to do a survey down there once, but they wouldn't let me pass. Perhaps you should look there.

You will receive the Geological Surveyor accolade and complete the Aid Miners in Exchange for Information objective.

Return to Madran[edit | edit source]

Having spoken with the Romulan residents, return to Madran and ask to go into the mine.


You want to go into the mine? Are you really interested in buying any magnesite or are you just here to cause trouble?

Because if it's the latter, I know someplace you can start a little ruckus!

There's a gang that controls the bottom levels of the mine. They won't even let me in there. Previously, I allowed them to keep their little kingdom in exchange for information, but lately they've been more trouble than they're worth, and the intel they're feeding me is useless.

Honestly -- who doesn't know about the Breen invasion of Deferi space?

Investigate the restricted area of the mine.

The mine entrance is located not too far beyond the Romulan Surveyor.

Hfihar Magnesite Mine[edit | edit source]

Digging for Answers[edit | edit source]

Explore the Rear Cavern[edit | edit source]

You have entered the magnesite mine; there are a few refugees at work mining here, and one Romulan Miner sitting next to the passage into the next cavern.

(Optional) Talk Your Way Past the Romulan Guard[edit | edit source]

Romulan Miner:

What do you want?
  • I'd like to enter this area.

Romulan Miner:

This area is restricted. Only people my friends and I like may enter.

And I don't like you.
  • [Diplomacy] I'm very likeable. Just ask Madran. (requires Attaché diplomatic rank)
Romulan Miner:

That big-eared money grubber doesn't know the first thing about what really happens here. All he does is collect his latinum and make the miners miserable.
  • [Diplomacy] That's strange. He suggested that you provide him with information as well as magnesite ore. (requires Consul diplomatic rank)
Romulan Miner:
Oh, it's information you want?

Allow me to provide a free sample. Leave right now.

Otherwise ... well, there's a lot of ways to get injured in a mine. It would be a shame if something happened to you and the magnesite prevented your crew from beaming you back to your ship in time.
  • [Diplomacy] I'm not here for the magnesite. I was told that there was someone here I could deal with discretely. Are you that person or not? (requires Envoy diplomatic rank)
Romulan Miner:
What makes you think we have anything to sell besides rocks and magnesite?
  • [Diplomacy] People looking to sell ore don't usually have secured caves with guards giving out complementary interrogations to anyone who gets near. (requires Ambassador diplomatic rank)
Romulan Miner:
Fine, fine!

You're Janek's problem, not mine. I'll let her know you're on your way.
The Romulan Miner will now let you pass.
  • Lucky guess.
Secret Command Codes icon.png
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  • Did I say buy? I meant take ... by force.
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  • I'm done dealing with you. I think I need to speak to your superior.
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  • Accidents can happen. My weapon, for example ... it could accidentally discharge at any time.
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  • Maybe you should tell me what's going on here. This is more than a mine, isn't it?
Romulan Miner:
You don't belong here, and I'm done talking with you.

Leave now or suffer the consequences.
The conversation ends.
  • Then I suppose he won't mind if you disappear.
You will now have to fight the Romulan Miner.
  • Maybe if you got to know me a little better, you'd learn to like me.
Romulan Miner:
You don't belong here, and I'm done talking with you.

Leave now or suffer the consequences.
The conversation ends as above.
  • I wonder if you'll like my weapon?
You will now have to fight the Romulan Miner.
  • For you to get out of my way!

You will now have to fight the Romulan Miner.

(Optional) Kill the Romulan Guard[edit | edit source]

Unless you are a Federation Ambassador, you will eventually have to kill the guard to proceed. However, each "level" of the conversation you have reached will reduce the number of groups of Romulans you will have to deal with in the next part of the mission, from a maximum of five to a minimum of one.

Defeat Hostile Romulans[edit | edit source]

The next room will contain a number of Romulans. Defeat them all.

Examine Romulan Camp Site[edit | edit source]

Approach the table towards the rear of the cavern and examine the Romulan camp site.

Bridge Officer:

Captain, there are a series of pressure plates located in this area. They're low-tech, but the Romulans may have had to resort to outdated security measures because of interference from the magnesite veins in this cavern. The problem is that the magnesite is making our tricorders almost useless!

If there's anything on this moon that the Remans would want to eliminate badly enough to use thalaron weapons, it has to be here.

We're going to have to figure out how to use the pressure plates to reveal whatever the Romulans are trying to hide. I suspect that we need to activate two of them to open the door.

Use the pressure plates.

Find What the Romulans Were Protecting, Open Hidden Door[edit | edit source]

Place your Bridge Officer on one of the pressure plates, then Lock In Positional Coordinates at the other. This will allow you to open the door. For those who don't understand what to do and are stuck, click the little icon bottom left of your officer's picture,set a rally point on the opposite pressure pad and voila!

Explore Hidden Base[edit | edit source]

Enter the hidden Romulan base. As you approach the door leading into the base proper, a cutscene will play. Two Romulan officers (Colonel Hakeev and Commander Janek) are having a... disagreement.


I give the orders here, Commander. You are out of line.


With all due respect, sir there's a difference between protecting the Empire form her enemies and provoking them!


There is much here you do not understand, Janek. The Remans need to know their place. And so do you!

I will not forget your insubordination Commander. The Tal Shiar has no place for officers who cannot follow orders.

I'll be in the command center.


Colonel! They were civilians! Their blood is on our hands!


Get used to it. There will be more. Speaking of which, why don't you clean out the brig... before you become a resident there.

Find a Commander's Access Code[edit | edit source]

You will need to find an access code to proceed. As you enter the room following the departure of Hakeev and Janek, your Bridge Officer will give you the option of being quiet about it:

Bridge Officer:

The analysts in this room look completely engaged in their work. I wouldn't be surprised if we can sneak past them without being noticed.

Note that the Romulan Analysts in this central room are fairly easy to overcome in a fight, so you can take them out with relative ease if you're feeling sufficiently militant.

Completely Optional Horta Encounter[edit | edit source]

If you want to encounter the Horta and gain the accolade for that, head to your left and enter room to the North. There are several Romulans here who are 'not absorbed in their work and will attack you. Check the consoles here after you have defeated them for more information about the mysterious monsters in the mine.

Journal Entry 846512:

Ensign Crymin is dead. Hakeev ordered him to explore the tunnels. We found organic remains, and his fully-discharged disruptor was nearby.

It looked like he had been ... melted.

I think we should wall off this section of the mine and not disturb the creature down here. Six people have already died. Five were miners, and therefore expendable, but Crymin showed promise. I know that in time he would have been a fine officer.

I've asked Colonel Hakeev to request reinforcements. If he's determined to kill people exploring this mine, let him kill recruits.

Journal Entry 448532:

We were drilling near when we broke through a wall into a chamber that hadn't appeared on our scans.

Blasted magnesite -- it blocks everything! Sensors, tricorders -- they're all useless!

The chamber is large, and should be suitable for an expansion of the base. There were several spherical orbs in it. We have yet to determine the nature of these orbs, but Janek thinks they are "pretty." She kept one for her quarters.

I've asked for permission to study the orbs. They remind me of a Federation report I read once. I can't remember the details, but it was something about the Janus system ....

Proceed through caverns. There is a large, perfectly circular hole which you can scan.

Bridge Officer:

This hole is tunneled through solid magnesite!

It's too precise to be one of the mining tunnels, and there is a slight trace of silicon residue.

Curious, Captain -- there are not many creatures that could do something like this.

Proceed further, and you will come upon a group of Romulans attacking something: a Horta. Help it defeat them.

Once the Romulans are defeated, you can communicate with the Horta.


No Kill I


This message is burned deep into the floor of the chamber. Acid sizzles around the edges of the letters.

You will receive the accolade No Kill I.

Get Commander Janek's Access Code[edit | edit source]

Head to the South room, to the right of where you entered the base. A cutscene will play of Janek complaining.


I almost feel sorry for you, but I have my own neck to worry about.

I'll be joining you in there soon enough... if Hakeev has his way. We all will.

There are four prisoners locked up here which you have the option of releasing if you desire. If you do, they will assist you in fighting their captors.

Janek will be found on the catwalks above the cells. Battle her until she surrenders, and then question her.

Commander Janek:


I surrender! I value my life more than the Tal Shiar's secrets!

I'll tell you anything you want to know. But first, you must tell me why you are here and what you want.

  • Why do the Remans want to destroy this base?

Commander Janek:

The Remans know about this base? Impossible! Only the leadership of the Tal Shiar know we're here! The empress herself couldn't find us!

I don't believe you, but it makes no difference. This is not a military installation. We listen and record here -- nothing more. There are many targets that those Reman scum would find much more tempting.

  • [Diplomacy] I'll need more than your word that this base is as harmless as you say. (need more than Attaché diplomatic rank)
Commander Janek:
Colonel Hakeev will want my blood for this, but ...

Take my security code. You can use it to access the control room. You'll find everything you're looking for there.
Commander Janek will give you her security code, and will then make her escape.
Commander Janek:
You have what you need, now please -- leave me alone.

The Tal Shiar will not look kindly upon my betrayal. I will need to act quickly if I am to survive.
  • Enough of these lies!
Commander Janek:
Are you sure you want to end things like this?
  • Yes!
You will now fight Janek to the death.
  • If you answer my questions, I won't hurt you.
This choice will loop you back to beginning of conversation.

Find the Base's Control Room[edit | edit source]

Return to central room where the Analysts are/were located. If you freed the prisoners and any of them survived the fight with Janek, they will immediately set upon any Analyists in the room.

If you are not accompanied by any prisoners, you can still sneak past the distracted Analysts.

Use the code you received from Commander Janek to unlock the door to the control room.

Passing through a hallway, you will encounter a couple patroling groups of Romulans. Defeat them (or time your movements correctly and slip past them) and you can finally reach the control room. When you do, you will confront Hakeev... in a cutscene.


How did you find this place? What else do you know?

No matter. You won't be revealing anything to your supperiors.

It's disappointing that I cannot give you a propper interrogation, but I have much to do and little time.

The self-destruct sequence has begun. This base will be your tomb!

Hakeev will make his escape at the end of the cutscene.

Enter the control room; there is little you can do to halt the destruction, but perhaps you can salvage some intelligence.

Download Tal Shiar Records[edit | edit source]

Bridge Officer:

The reactor is going critical. We need to get out of here, but not before we find out what is so important to Hakeev that he'll destroy this base to protect it.
Search the database for any important files.

Step up to the computer console and download the Tal Shiar's files before fleeing.

Escape from Mines[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to avoid the Romulans occupying the base noticing the fact that it is falling down around them; they will be alerted to your presence and any Romulans left unfought (including the Analysts and the Romulan Miner, if you managed to talk your way past him) will be hostile and attack you.

There is no time limit on escaping the mines, so if you want you can pursue any uncompleted activities, such as the Horta encounter and reading the logs that the Analysts have compiled:

  • Read logs on Borg activity.

Listening Post Hephaestus:

Observed from captured holorecordings in the Delta Quadrant:
  • Resistance is futile.
  • Read Logs on True Way Activity

Listening Post Hephaestus:

Observed from holofeed on Cardassia Prime:
  • Detapa Council petitions Federation to fund Lakarian City infrastructure projects.
  • Forty-seven injured in bombing at University of Culat. True Way claims responsiblity for attack.
  • Detapa Council passes bill allowing Cardassian government to seize assets of persons convicted of terrorist activity.
  • Councilor Marim Ocanda resigns.
  • Starfleet sending advisers to Cardassia Prime to advise government on security issues.
  • Councilor Evala introduces resolution calling for Cardassia to apply for Federation membership. Bill stalls in committee.
  • Ministry of Trade extends agreements with Ferengi to market Cardassian-made transport vessels and phaser banks.
  • Read Logs on Klingon Empire Activity

Listening Post Hephaestus:

Observed from holofeeds on Qo'noS:
  • Chancellor J'mpok facing increasing challenges from members of the High Council loyal to House of Martok.
  • Alliance between House of J'mpok and House of Duras is weak. Situation is highly exploitable. Recommend we seek agents on Qo'noS.
  • Many members of discommendated House of Torg have been absorbed into House of Duras.
  • KDF leadership angered by High Council's mandate to work more closely with Klingon Intelligence.
  • Fek'Ihri forces in region massing under new leadership.
  • Melani D'ian seen entering home of Drex, son of Martok.
  • Gorn push for representative on High Council rejected.
  • Read Logs on Starfleet Activity

Listening Post Hephaestus:

Observed from captured holofeed in Earth Spacedock:
  • Commander Winters has applied for transfer to the front lines of Klingon conflict.
  • Admiral Quinn under medical care for heart condition. Intercepted Starfleet Medical records indicate that the condition is fully treatable and not a suitable target for exploitation.
  • 7th Fleet entered neutral zone as part of a "routine" series of exercises.
  • Franklin Drake heading extended operation in Eta Eridani Sector Block.
  • Starfleet Command considering new tactics in conflicts with True Way.
  • Starfleet Intelligence concerned with rise in war profiteering by independent Ferengi and Dopterians.
  • Read Logs on Romulan Empire Activity

Listening Post Hephaestus:

Observed from holofeed on Rator III:
  • Increased power use in royal palace indicates that lower levels may be in use.
  • Senator Shemek is accepting bribes in exchange for slowing progress on trade agreements.
  • Hirogen representatives meet with Sela.
  • Reman representative removed from Senate chamber.
  • Opposition leader Tetan assassinated.
  • Three Reunification proponents arrested.
  • Agents for Sela meet with True Way leaders near Badlands.
  • Read Logs on Listening Post Hephaestus Activity

Listening Post Hephaestus:

Observed from holofeed in Listening Post Hephaestus:
  • Janek is fighting with Hakeev ... again.
  • Hakeev takes shuttle and leaves base for two days. Long-range sensors mark his progress in Neutral Zone.
  • Six miners held for questioning.
  • Chief Medical Officer reports two cases of Levodian flu.
  • Six encrypted messages sent from Colonel Hakeev's console to unknown recipient. Recommend that transmissions be investigated further.

Return to the Surface[edit | edit source]

Once you have escaped from the mine, take the lift back to the surface.

Hfihar Mining Facility[edit | edit source]

Gift Return[edit | edit source]

Confront Madran about the Tal Shiar Base[edit | edit source]

Go have a word with Madran about his mine. He seems a bit upset about something.


My mine! What have you done to my mine?

  • There was a infestation of Tal Shiar spies in there; I just fumigated./I didn't do anything. It was the Tal Shiar cell you were sheltering!


Tal Shiar? I am shocked!

I had no idea! I certainly wouldn't have sent you down there if ...

Say ... you didn't happen to find anything valuable down there, did you? Because if you did, remember that I have an exclusive contract!

  • Stop with the lies, Madran. I know you knew who -- and what -- was down there.


And what's it to you? This is a rough area of the quadrant, you know, and they're good neighbors ... if you're not easily embarassed. Their cameras and listening devices are eveywhere!

I haven't had a single problem with Orions or Hirogen since they moved in, and it doesn't hurt that I acquired the odd bit of information here and there. I'm a businessman, and infomation is big business!

  • Do you know anything about what they recently discovered?


Unfortunately, no. I'll admit -- I was trying to find out, but their systems were locked down tight!

I'm sure whatever it was had to be big news. Everyone was on edge, Janek and Hakeev were barely speaking and I once heard Hakeev mumbling something about orders. Someone's been pulling his strings, but I don't know who.

I do know the Tal Shiar take security very seriously. If you managed to pull any files from their system, you can expect them to be heavily encoded.

Trust me on that -- I speak from experience!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go talk a hundred Romulans into digging a new mine to replace the one YOU destroyed!

My profit margin for this month is ruined!

  • You've been a real help, Madran./Treat those miners well, Madran, or I'll be back.

Beam up to Ship[edit | edit source]

Bridge Officer:

Madran doesn't seem to know much, Captain, or at least he's not willing to part with what information he knows without being paid.

I don't think he can help us anymore. We should return to the ship and try our luck at decrypting the files we recovered from the Tal Shiar. I'm sure that they will be more useful than anything Madran has to say.

Go to your ready room and decrypt the Tal Shiar files.
To reach your ready room, first exit the system. When you are in sector space, click the down arrow on the right side of your mini-map and select "Visit the Bridge."

You've found out everything you're going to find out here. Return to sector space.

Your Starship[edit | edit source]

Examine Tal Shiar Files in Your Ready Room[edit | edit source]

Go to your bridge, and then enter your Ready Room. At a terminal there, you may work on deciphering the Tal Shiar files.

Decipher Tal Shiar Files[edit | edit source]

Ready Room Console:

5 files uploaded...
  • Fervor (communication file)
  • Plethora (communication file)
  • Precedence (personnel file)
  • Reciprocity (unknown file type)
  • Referendum (communication file)

Four of the files (Fervor, Plethora, Precedence, Referendum) act as the key to deciphering the fifth file (Reciprocity). You must manipulate the key files in order to decipher the contents of the encoded file.

Cheat Sheet on Corrections:

Fervor -> Commendation -> acts of treason

Plethora -> retires to -> exposed at

Precedence-> 34V53 -> 34V55

Referendum -> Andoria -> Vulcan

Fervor[edit | edit source]

  • Open File: Fervor

Ready Room Console:

File: Fervor

Activities of note in Klingon space:

  • Emperor Kahless has been spotted in Breen space.
  • Chancellor J'mpok has a potential adversary in Ja'rod.
  • The House of Torg was brought before the High Council for commendation by the House of Martok.
  • The Forcas III Bat'leth Tournament has a new champion.
  • Analyze File Structure

Ready Room Console:

No anomalous data structures found in file. File is referenced by another file (Reciprocity).
  • Cross Reference with Starfleet/Klingon Intelligence Records

Ready Room Console:

Inaccuracy found:

The House of Torg lost its seat on the Klingon High Council after evidence was revealed that house leaders collaborated with Romulans to attack the House of Martok.

  • Change Faulty Information: commendation -> acts of treason

Ready Room Console:

Changes made. Updates detected in another file (Reciprocity).

Plethora[edit | edit source]

  • Open File: Plethora

Ready Room Console:

File: Plethora

Notable activities in United Federation of Planets:

  • Federation embassy established on Defera Prime.
  • Federation Council extends aid to Cardassia Prime and agrees to continue defense pact.
  • Klingon/Federation peace talks disrupted on Regulus IV.
  • Vulcan Ambassador Sokketh retires to monastery on P'Jem.
  • Analyze File Structure

Ready Room Console:

No anomolous data structures found in file. File is referenced by another file (Reciprocity).
  • Cross Reference with Starfleet/Klingon Intelligence Records


Ready Room Console:
Inaccuracy found:

Ambassador Sokketh was revealed to be an Undine infiltrator after a Starfleet vessel transported him to the monastery at P'Jem.


Ready Room Console:
Inaccuracy found:

Klingon forces raided the monastery at P'Jem and exposed Ambassador Sokketh as an Undine infiltrator.

  • Change Faulty Information: retires to -> exposed at

Ready Room Console:

Changes made. Updates detected in another file (Reciprocity).

Precidence[edit | edit source]

  • Open File: Precedence

Ready Room Console:

File: Precidence

Chain of Command for Tal Shiar Listening Post Hephaestus (Hfihar):

  • Commanding Officer: Commander Hakeev (Officer ID: 112K35)
  • Executive Officer: Commander Janek (Officer ID: 813N21)
  • Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Livok (Officer ID: 34V53)
  • Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Talris (Officer ID: 89L144)
  • Analyze File Structure

Ready Room Console:

Partial number sequence found in Officer ID numbers - numbers the sum of the previous two. File is referenced by another file (Reciprocity).
  • Cross Reference with Starfleet/Klingon Intelligence Records


Ready Room Console:
There is no reference document with which to compare this information in the Starfleet database.


Ready Room Console:
There is no reference document with which to compare this information in the Klingon Intelligence database.

  • Change Faulty Information: 34V53 -> 34V55

Ready Room Console:

Changes made. Updates detected in another file (Reciprocity).

Referendum[edit | edit source]

  • Open File: Referendum

Ready Room Console:

File: Referendum

Notable actions in Romulan Senate:

  • Senate votes to give Empress Sela power to override rulings of imperial courts.
  • Ambassador Jirok visits Andoria.
  • Reman rebels attack transports in Iota Pavonis Sector Block.
  • Senate ratifies new tax on dilithium.
  • Analyze File Structure

Ready Room Console:

No anomalous data structures found in file. File is referenced by another file (Reciprocity).
    • Cross Reference with Starfleet/Klingon Intelligence Records


Ready Room Console:
Inaccuracy found:

Starfleet has no record of Ambassador Jirok visiting Andoria.


Ready Room Console:
Inaccuracy found:

Klingon Intelligence has no record of Ambassador Jirok visiting Andoria.

  • Change Faulty Information: Andoria -> Vulcan

Ready Room Console:

Changes made. Updates detected in another file (Reciprocity).

Reciprocity[edit | edit source]

  • Open File: Reciprocity

Ready Room Console:

Morbi: Lobortis

Praesent Porta Elit Quis est Euismod in Fermentum:

Praesent ultrices dapibus neque vel feugiat. Ut congue interdum dui, ac volutpat enim varius id. Sed scelerisque libero in.

Suspendisse sodales justo eget dui ornare imperdiet. Cras porttitor sollicitudin nibh, id congue velit imperdiet ac. Phasellus blandit imperdiet dapibus. Phasellus mi libero, eleifend quis cursus id, iaculis sit amet nunc. Duis vel elit et metus rhoncus fringilla eget mollis sapien. Ut eget sem id quam vestibulum ultricies. Aliquam tortor augue, ornare nec gravida.

Praesent commodo mattis varius. Nulla id justo eget tortor scelerisque dictum. Nulla ultrices dolor sed tortor pretium consectetur. Morbi pharetra placerat sem ut volutpat. Cras accumsan turpis ac sem dignissim facilisis. Cras tincidunt turpis rutrum turpis fermentum iaculis mollis nibh adipiscing. Aliquam erat volutpat. Duis pellentesque, enim vitae porta venenatis, est quam ultricies nulla, sed egestas justo elit nec metus. Curabitur sed velit elit.

  • Analyze File Structure

Ready Room Console:

File is encrypted using a multi-variable pass key that references the other files uploaded (Fervor, Plethora, Precedence, Referendum).

As there are four files that provide the key, you will have to apply the pass key four times in order to completely decipher the file. Each time you apply a key, more of the plain text of the message will be revealed.

  • Apply Pass Key

Ready Room Console:

File: Reciprocity

Secret Reman Base Detected in the Dera System:

Listening post Hephaestus has detected an increase in subspace communication and ships traveling to-and-from the Dera system.

Analysis of the communications and ship traffic reveals patterns of obfuscation normally employed by Reman forces. Tal Shiar forces then intercepted a ship leaving the Dera system and captured 47 Reman civilians. The passengers and crew were summarily executed under orders of Colonel Hakeev, but the captain and first officer were preserved for questioning.

Under interrogation, the captain of the Reman vessel provided a security key that could be used to decipher encrypted communications sent to the Dera system. The decrypted messages prove that there is a base in this area of space being used by the Reman resistance.

Recommendation: Tal Shiar ships should be sent to the Dera system immediately to capture this base and its inhabitants.


Science Officer:
The Tal Shiar is planning an attack on a Reman base!

We need to get this information to Admiral T'nae at Starbase 39-Sierra immediately.

Report to Admiral T'nae.


Science Officer:
The Tal Shiar is planning an attack on a Reman base!

We need to get this information to Temek in the Great Hall on Qo'noS immediately.

Report to Temek.

Return to Admiral T'nae/Temek in Starbase 39 Sierra/the Great Hall of Qo'noS[edit | edit source]

Hail your mission contact to complete the mission and claim your reward.


Admiral T'nae:
The Tal Shiar records you recovered show that Commander Hakeev and his forces have been targeting the Remans for months. Obisek and his followers have been driven from their homes, had their ships destroyed and their loved ones killed or imprisoned.

Some might say that Obisek's campaign against the Tal Shiar is just. However, Obisek was planning on using thalaron weapons in the Hfihar system, which would have killed hundreds of innocent civilians as well as the Tal Shiar cell there.

This is the problem with revenge. Violence and fury only create more pain and suffering.


Obisek is justified in his anger. The Tal Shiar records you recovered from their listening post indicate that they have been tormenting the Remans for months. Their bases have been attacked, their ships destroyed, and their families killed or imprisoned.

There is no more honorable reason to pick up a blade than to defend your home and family. However, Obisek was willing to use thalaron weapons to destroy a handful of Tal Shiar operatives. Using a hammer to swat a glob fly is not the warrior's way. It is madness.

Post-Completion[edit | edit source]

After completing Mine Enemy, you will be able to ask a question of your mission contact regarding the events of the mission.


  • What are we doing to help Romulan civilians -- like those miners?
Admiral T'nae:
Since the destruction of Romulus, the Federation has done all it can for the survivors and the Romulan colony worlds.

Many of our aid shipments were stolen or diverted for use by the Romulan military. Others were rejected out of pride or suspicion.

Nonetheless, we will not stop. It is my belief that a lasting peace with the Romulans is possible. But it will not be attained through treaties. Only by reaching out to individuals, as you did in the Hfihar system, can we sweep away decades of mistrust and hostility.


  • The mines in the Hfihar system are ripe for conquest.
Temek :
It is good that you look at the world with a conqueror's eye.

There is much there that would be of use to us. Plentiful resources, a ready workforce, a place to prepare our ships to strike at Sela's forces ....

I will take your proposal to the High Council. If they agree, perhaps you will have the honor of leading the invasion force!