Mission: Mine Enemy/Transcript

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Listening Post Hephaestus logs[edit | edit source]

Observed from holofeed in Listening Post Hephaestus:

  • Janek is fighting with Hakeev...again.
  • Hakeev takes shuttle and leaves base for two days. Long-range sensors mark his progress in Neutral Zone.
  • Six miners held for questioning.
  • Chief Medical Officer reports two cases of Levodian flu.
  • Six encrypted messages sent from Colonel Hakeev's console to unknown recipient. Recommend that transmissions be investigated further.

Observed from holofeed on Rator III:

  • Increased power use in royal palace indicates that lower levels may be in use.
  • Senator Shemek is accepting bribes in exchange for slowing progress on trade agreements.
  • Hirogen representatives meet with Sela.
  • Reman representative removed from Senate chamber.
  • Opposition leader Tetan assassinated.
  • Agents for Sela meet with True Way leaders near Badlands.

Observed from live intelligence in Tau Dewa sector block:

  • Archaeological activity indicates that a recent excavation has revealed an unexpected high-value find.
  • Attempts to capture colonists of putative "Mol'Rihan" meeting with resistance from mixed forces.
  • Federation Starbase 234 engaging in defensive training exercises.
  • Long-range social destabilization of Acamarian culture underway.
  • Tholian activity correlated with temporal anomalies near Azure nebula.
  • Cloaked assets monitoring construction of listening posts in Jouret system.

Observed from holofeed on Cardassia Prime:

  • Detapa Council petitions Federation to fund Lakarian City infrastructure projects.
  • Forty-seven injured in bombing at University of Culat. True Way claims responsibility for attack.
  • Detapa Council passes bill allowing Cardassian government to seize assets of persons convicted of terrorist activity.
  • Councilor Marim Ocanda resigns.
  • Starfleet sending advisers to Cardassia Prime to advise government on security issues.
  • Councilor Evala introduces resolution calling for Cardassia to apply for Federation membership. Bill stalls in committee.
  • Ministry of Trade extends agreements with Ferengi to market Cardassian-made transport vessels and phaser banks.

Observed from captured holorecordings in the Delta Quadrant:

  • Resistance is futile.

Observed from holofeeds on Qo'noS:

  • Chancellor J'mpok facing increasing challenges from members of the High Council loyal to House of Martok.
  • Alliance between House of J'mpok and House of Duras is weak. Situation is highly exploitable. Recommend we seek agents on Qo'noS.
  • KDF leadership angered by High Council's mandate to work more closely with Klingon Intelligence.
  • Fek'Ihri forces in region amassing under new leadership.
  • Melani D'ian seen entering home of Drex, son of Martok.
  • Gorn push for representative on High Council rejected.

Observed from captured holofeed in Earth Spacedock:

  • Captain Sulu has applied for transfer to the front lines of Klingon conflict.
  • Admiral Quinn under care for heart condition. Intercepted Starfleet Medical records indicate that the condition is fully treatable and not a suitable target for exploitation.
  • 7th Fleet entered Neutral Zone as part of a "routine" series of exercises.
  • Franklin Drake heading extended operation in Eta Eridani Sector Block.
  • Starfleet Command considering new tactics in conflicts with True Way.
  • Starfleet Intelligence concerned with rise in war profiteering by independent Ferengi and Dopterians.

Journal Entry 448532

We were drilling near when we broke through a wall into a chamber that hadn't appeared on our scans.

Blasted magnesite - it blocks everything! Sensors, tricorders - they're all useless!

The chamber is large, and should be suitable for an expansion of the base. There were several spherical orbs in it. We have yet to determine the nature of these orbs, but Janek thinks they are "pretty." She kept one for her quarters.

I've asked for permission to study the orbs. They remind me of a Federation report I read once. I can't remember the details, but it was something about the Janus system ....

Journal Entry 846512

Ensign Crymin is dead. Hakeev ordered him to explore the tunnels. We found organic remains, and his fully-charged disruptor was nearby.

It looked like it had been ... melted.

I think we should wall off this section of the mine and not disturb the creature down here. Six people have already died. Five were miners, and therefore expendable, but Crymin showed promise. I know that in time he would have been a fine officer.

I've asked Colonel Hakeev to request reinforcements. If he's determined to kill people exploring this mine, let him kill recruits.