Mission: Manhunt/Walkthrough

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Question Prisoners[edit | edit source]

Question prisoner Klimor, Sondjask, Tanas, Azaram, Vrenn, and Delon in that order.

Confront K'mtar[edit | edit source]

Make sure that K'mtar has an "interaction icon" above him (by talking to the prisoners in the proper order) else mission progress might not work properly. If K'mtar has no interaction icon, then you either should try to talk to another prisoner or you should restart the mission as mission progress will not work.

Iconian Technology[edit | edit source]

The Iconian Technology Required for Delta Recruits can be found by following the Trained Jackal Mastiff. After defeating the third pack of Wild Jackals, the player should stop and look due west - the Iconian Technology will be found at the bottom of the cliff by proceeding in this direction, though due to the snow flurries it may be hard to spot.