Mission: Maiewski System Patrol

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Faction Starfleet.png Maiewski System Patrol
Story Arc:
The Klingon War
60 Expertise icon.png

In Maiewski System Patrol the player drives off the Orion pirates which have been stealing resources from the colony in the Maiewski System.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

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Outline[edit | edit source]

Mission Text[edit | edit source]

<rank> <name>, we need your help!

My people use the asteroids in this area as material for our replicators. Orion Syndicate raiders have been plundering automated collection drones and taking our payloads.

These rocks are virtually useless to anyone but us. I don't even know why the Orions would want them, unless they're trying to force us to shut down our replicators and starve!

Will you patrol the belt and clear out the raiders? They'll probably be lurking near the larger asteroids.

Goal[edit | edit source]

Defeat the Orion raiders in the asteroid belt.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Secure Maiewski System
    • Defeat Syndicate Squadrons (0/6)
    • Depart System

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Accolades[edit source]

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