Mission: Leading the Way/Walkthrough

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Overview[edit | edit source]

This mission is offered immediately after completing “Honor Bound”

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Tour Qo'nos
    • Talk to Commander Rodek
      • From the arena, head north into the next room. Head east to another room and south to a third. Commander Rodek is just inside the door on the left working a computer console. He will tell you about personal equipment vendors on Qo'nos.
    • Talk to C'zann
      • After speaking with Rodek, head north then west then north again. C'zann is in a small room to the east standing behind a bar. She informs you about a less-than-reputable vendor who can get items that others cannot
    • Talk to Lieutenant K'Nala
      • Leave the bar and head south then west. K'nala is just inside this room working a computer console. She will tell you about starship vendors on Qo'nos.
  • Talk to B'Elotja
    • As soon as you have spoken to all three NPCs, B'Elotja will contact you and tell you about acquiring new missions. This mission is complete