Mission: Latest Findings/Walkthrough

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Greetings, Admiral.

D'Tan has formally requested your presence at one of his research facilities in the city of New Romulus.

Please report immediately.

Thank you.

You will receive a message from D'Tan's assistant, who tells them that D'Tan has requested their presence for a research presentation. You must go the Staging Area on New Romulus and speak to a security officer who is keeping watch outside the embassy.

Upon speaking to him, the presentation will begin in the form of a cutscene.

Presentation[edit | edit source]

The Sword of the Raptor Star has been found.

D'Tan walks with the player inside a research facility.

  • D'Tan:
I'm grateful for all you've done for our colony. We wouldn't be as far along as we are without your assistance. That's why I wanted you here today -- to hear for yourself some of what we've found.

The two approach Doctor A'dria, who stands waiting for them.

  • D'Tan:
  • A'dria:
What we've found in our archeological surveys is that the planet was populated long before our people arrived after the Sundering. We've discovered multiple ruins from that time period that correspond to the few historical records we still have. Much of our data from that era was lost with the homeworld.
  • D'Tan:
And the sword?
  • A'dria:
I'm ready to confirm that the blade found at the battle site is the Sword of the Raptor Star. We don't have a visual record of the sword, but the one we have matches written accounts and a quantum analysis shows signs of master work ... something like this could have only been made by someone like S'task.
  • D'Tan:

We were right to come here -- the sword will become a symbol of our reborn civilization.

You were saying there was an earlier culture. What do you know about them?
  • A'dria:

The oldest ruins we've found are approximately 150,000 years old, but I suspect that there may be some even older based on preliminary findings that are still being analyzed. These people were quite advanced. While the oldest ruins show a culture that was defined by its devotion to a series of deities, later they develop technology, art, even space flight.

Roughly 150,000 years ago, however, there was some sort of worldwide seismic event. Every volcano on the planet erupted, presumably blocking out the sun. Ambient temperatures dropped dramatically. The radiation counts spiked -- we're still repairing that damage.

The survivors of that cataclysm retreated to caves in the warmest areas of the planet, but they died out soon afterward.
  • D'Tan:
And what caused this event?
  • A'dria:
We're still working on that.

We have found a new site deep underground near an active volcano, but there are massive power spikes unrelated to the magma flow. If there is a source to the seismic instability, it should be there.

We would have to send a team down to investigate though ... and it is quite dangerous. I wouldn't send anyone down without an environmental suit.

I could go myself, but ...

  • D'Tan:
I'm not ready to authorize you to do that, doctor. Our people have too few scientists yet.

D'Tan turns to the player.

  • D'Tan:

You and your crew are better equipped and trained for something like this. I know I'm asking a great deal, especially after all the help you've given us already, but you being here shows that my people and yours don't have to be adversaries. Not anymore.

Not all Romulans think cooperation like this is possible. I do. Are you willing to see it through to the end?

Mission complete[edit | edit source]

  • Tactical officer:

Looks like it's up to us, sir, and we should prepare a full away team for this assignment.

I also should note that we've been given permission to view the security footage from that presentation. Just return to this location and ask one of the security officers.

Shall we file a report on these findings?
  • File report

The mission will complete. You can return to this site to review the presentation when desired.