Mission: Into the Hive/Walkthrough

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Into the Hive is a 5 player PvE mission inside a Unimatrix. The main objective here is to kill the Borg Queen, after completing other objectives on the way. On Elite this mission must be completed in 30 minutes and the team must keep at least one person alive.


First Phase: Central Plexus Chamber[edit | edit source]

So to kick off the mission your team will be heading into the Central Plexus Chamber. The objective here is to shut down eight nodes guarded by four Borg each. Four nodes are located at each corner of the room, the other four are located on a platform in the middle of the room, with them again located at each corner.

There are added dangers to this area, as the floor sections will randomly start to glow green in places. Keep an eye out for this, as anyone still stood on a glowing panel after it has finished charging will be instantly killed. This will fail the optional objective on Elite. The second trap is that the area between the upper and lower platforms is a long drop into a green-misted hole, which will kill you on impact.

Finally, if you respawn in this area you'll end up behind a forcefield, similar to how Infected: Manus works at the boss room. The difference here though is that you can be let back in by having a team-mate release you. This is usually considered a waste of time however as its usually quicker to be resuscitated by a team-mate, unless you fell down the pit in which case you don't have a choice but to respawn.

Second Phase: Collective Core Chamber[edit | edit source]

The second phase of this mission takes place in the Collective Core Chamber to the north of the Central Plexus Chamber. Here your objective is to upload a virus to the collective, and then defend the console from the Borg that will beam in to stop you.

This section does not have the floor trap like the Central Plexus Chamber, but instead has a ceiling based defence system that fires rounds similar to mortars where the players are standing. These do take a moment to charge up, and are easily avoided. Also, if you can make the three initial tracking beams go through a solid object, the round will fail to fire.

Third Phase: Approaching the Borg Queen Chamber[edit | edit source]

To the north of the Collective Core Chamber is a corridor linking it to the Borg Queen Chamber. While the instruction to go there is simple, its worth pointing out here that the corridor is lined with Borg Alcoves, and you will wake them up as you pass them, however they are easy to kill and you can move on to the Queen.

There are no traps in this corridor.

Final Phase: Borg Queen Battle[edit | edit source]

As you enter the Queens Chamber you'll be given a cutscene to watch. Once it ends you'll be free to begin the fight.

There are a few things of note here, as the Queens Chamber has a combination of the traps from before. The floor trap and ceiling cannons are in this chamber, as is a deep pit around the whole floor, and this time there are no railings to stop you accidentally walking over the edge. Also, if you respawn you do so into one of four holding areas at the four corners of the platform. You can be released from them as before, however this will be considerably more difficult for your team as they have to avoid the other traps to get to you.

The initial battle starts by defeating the line of Borg already present in the chamber, after which the Borg Queen will move in and attack the players, her main attack being a heavy hitting blast that looks like an electric strike. You'll notice at this point the floor trap has become active. Focus fire on her until she returns.

A second wave of Borg will beam in. Again, defeat them and the Queen will come back out, and in doing so activates the ceiling cannons. As before, take her health down until she returns to her perch.

A third wave of Borg will beam in, except this time they're led by an Elite Tactical Assimilated Gorn. The Gorn should be taken down as quickly as possible, as it is the strongest of the drones that have beamed in, and can also knock players onto the floor trap if they are not careful. Once they are defeated the Queen will once again come on the attack.

Defeating her will result in a short cutscene, after which the battle continues a little while longer, with the Queen's upper torso swinging from the ceiling and on the attack. Attack her until she falls, which will complete the mission.