Mission: Installation 18/Walkthrough

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Notes for Step Hack Main Computer and Upload Datamining Program[edit | edit source]

    Let First Set of Reinforcements Beam In
    Kill Them and Immediately Disable Alarm
    If you're not fast enough more beam in and you'll have to repeat
    Then Goto Highlighted Console to Upload Program

Notes about Investigate Sealed Rooms (0/4)[edit | edit source]

     After Third Room expect an alarm to go off and guards to beam in
     Kill Guards and reset alarm as before
     Investigate 4th Room

Notes about Investigate Laboratory[edit | edit source]

       Kill Guards and Again reset the @#$%^ Alarm Bot
       Then Help Test Subjects (0/4)
       Expect More Guards to Beam In when Test Subject 4 Beams Out

Notes about Investigate Communications Center[edit | edit source]

     Upon Entering Room disable guards and reset another alarm bot
     Examine Communications Mainframe
     The password is Epsilon.13.3.377, entered in four separate options
     Correct password is 
     Send False Messages - Change the Status Update to reflect the triggers are here in Instalaltion 18

Notes about Investigate Command Center[edit | edit source]

           Defeat Elachi Beta and His Guards
           Trap Elachi Beta in a Stasis Field 
           Beam to Ship 

Out of Mind[edit | edit source]

   Go to Nimbus System
   Confront Hakeev
   Defeat Tal Shiar Fleet
   Beam Down to Nimbus 

Talk to Horace Jones[edit | edit source]

Hail Allied Contact[edit | edit source]