Mission: Hunting the Hunters/Walkthrough

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Alright after finally lowering all the force field generators, the first person you need to speak to is the hostage directly North of you just on the edge of the brown grassy area you are standing in. He is the ambassador that is the "hard" one to find. Feel free to ignore all other hostages out in the open. Head to the crash site and free the remaining four hostages in the cave that has been force fielded. Upon freeing the captives, you are supposed to engage in a fight with mobs that beam directly to your location. If this does not occur, beam back to your ship - wait a few moments, and then activate the clickable option to "Continue Hunting the Hunters". Choose your Away Team as normal and you will arrive back down in the cave with one of your Bridge Officers advising you that all hostages have been rescued. Commander Tonjan will then taunt you a second time (sorry, couldn't resist) and you should get the spawns at this point. After a few waves of trash mobs, Tonjan will spawn and then beam out again just before you can kill him. The final step (space combat vs Tonjan) is now unlocked for you and you should not experience any more bugs.