Mission: Honor Bound/Walkthrough

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Overview[edit | edit source]

This mission is offered immediately after beginning a Klingon character.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to B'Elotja
    • B'Elotja is located South-West of your starting location. Head west through either of the two doors exiting the room. Follow the hallway west into the next room. Head south through a doorway between two giant Klingon statues. Follow the hallway to the next room. B'Elotja is standing on the East steps of the sparring ring. She will speak to you about assembling a bridge crew.
  • Train your Skills
    • B'Elotja tells you to spend your skill points. Open the skill window (default 'K') and spend some of your skill points. It is not necessary to spend all 3,100.
  • Talk to B'Elotja
    • B'Elotja tells you to challenge any of the warriors in the hall.
  • Challenge and Defeat Anyone in the Warriors Hall.
    • Defeat any NPC by any means
  • Talk to B'Elotja
    • B'Elotja tells you to defeat one further opponent. Speak with any of the NPCs to initiate combat.
  • Talk to B'Elotja
    • B'Elotja praises your performance and rewards you with three bridge officers. The mission is complete.