Mission: Home Away From Homesick

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Home Away From Homesick is a sub-mission of “Second Wave”, in which Elim Garak, the Cardassian representative to the Borg talks at Deep Space 9, wants a bottle of Bajoran Distilled Kanar.

The vintage is rare and not normally available in stores. You may need to speak to multiple people on DS9 to find it.

Bajoran Distilled Kanar can be obtained from one of several people on DS9. The person you get it from varies randomly each time you play the mission. These people include:

Once you obtain the bottle, return to Councilor Garak and give him the bottle.


If you speak to Prylar, tells you about the history of the kanar, and unlocks the following dialogue option with Garak:

  • "I learned a little more about that kanar you requested, and I won't get it for you. It's a symbol of oppression and an insult to the Bajorans."
  • He responds with
    • "You have your opinion and I have mine. However, with an attitude like that, I'm afraid you're not cut out for diplomacy. My recommendation is the next time you're trying to persuade someone to do what you want, you should avoid insulting them."
  • Doing this FAILS & drops mission "Home away from Homesick" but grants you the accolade "Act of Conscience".

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the Victory is Life expansion, this mission was originally given by Rugan Skyl.
  • Quest text incorrectly directs you to speak to Hadron in Quark's bar, instead of Quark.