Mission: Hive Onslaught/Walkthrough

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Overview[edit | edit source]

This STF takes some practice for advanced and elite difficulties. Normal difficulty is usually completed quickly with the major danger being warp core explosions from exploding Borg. Advanced difficulty will require some team work to pass the unimatrix command ship stage (see notes for part 2).

Part One[edit | edit source]

There are six Tactical Cubes and twelve Spheres guarding the queen. The queen is protected in a shield until the last stage.


  • Pulling too many ships at a time in first part will probably result in multiple team deaths
  • Killing spheres first greatly reduces enemy firepower (they follow fast, draw them away from tact cubes)
  • Tanks, if you have full shields, heal others or try drawing a sphere away from teammates
  • U.S.S._Houston npc is a great tank, consider attacking the same tactical cube that she is
  • Carriers may want to dock pets until most spheres are killed. The pets tend to pull too many ships
  • Groups may want to have someone pull npcs, while the rest of the group stays together.
  • Alternatively, the team can start from the top of the cubes. It may aggro more, but it takes significantly longer for npcs to maneuver upward giving time to kill the spheres as they come

Part Two[edit | edit source]

After the last cube and sphere have been destroyed, a cut-scene (skip-able) will start and two Unimatrix_0047_Command_Ships will appear on both sides of the queen and kill the U.S.S._Houston

Plasma Lance

  • Command ships are armed with Plasma Lances that instant kill if you are targeted (not limited to 10 KM)
  • Being close to the shielded queen will provide an "under the guns" buff that protects you from lance targeting
  • If killed, Cloak and full impulse will protect from the lance targeting somewhat while making way back to the queen (try not to fire or do anything that will interrupt full impulse until close to the queen)

Torpedo Salvos

  • The command ships fire torpedo salvos that require very good tanking ability On Elite difficulty. Be ready. (tactical teams and resistance buffs like brace for impact or auxiliary to the structural integrity field and shield buffs like transfer shield strength)
  • Ships not able to tank this should spread out and be evasive to keep their defense values up (watch for torpedo spread icon on the command ships)
  • Using Bio-Molecular Shield Generator and cruiser Shield Frequency Modulation here will help the team greatly

Plasma Bolts

  • Plasma Bolts instant kill, but are target-able
  • AOE beam ships can save their fire at will for Plasma bolts
  • Situations may arise where command ships are firing 4 plasma bolts at a time depending on the positions of your team, a bind key for targeting these instant killers will be useful
/bind <key> "Target Plasma Energy Bolt"

Cover from Queen's shield

  • Tanking - Use the queen's shield as cover to deal with only one of the command ships.
  • When one command ship is destroyed, the queen's shield can protect against the deadly torpedo spreads of the remaining ship. Support ships may want to stay here to heal team and target Regeneration_Probe and plasma bolts


  • If one of the command ships has not been killed by the time it starts sending out Regeneration_Probe, the fight will be more difficult. Likely team members are dying and not doing enough damage. Consider waiting until the whole group re-spawns before re-engaging

Part Three[edit | edit source]

The queen is attack-able. She has great shields and hull.


  • The queen fires an aceton field every minute or so that will kill even the best tanks on elite. Keep 5km+ away, and beware she fires it very soon after stage three begins
  • She has a very strong feedback pulse
  • She randomly targets people and pets. If you are the current target, now would be a good time to use defensive abilities or just get out of range
  • If she scrambles your sensors, just assume she has also fired a torp spread or heavy torp that you now can not see.
  • Sci - wait for 4 attack skills from the queen then Sub-nuke her
  • Drain builds will help get massive shield hp down

Optional objectives[edit | edit source]

Part one

Defeat guarding ships within ten minutes (required on elite)

Part two

Keep at least three members alive at all times

Part Three

Keep at least one member alive at all times