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Brief[edit | edit source]

For rewards and accolades please see Mission: Hide and Seek

<rank>, this mission briefing is classified.

Starfleet Intelligence has been working on cracking the coded message sent by the Undine agent you exposed at P'Jem, and we think we have something.

There are several references to the Paulson Nebula in the data. That is an area of space near the Lackey System that we don't know much about. Starfleet needs you to survey the nebula and find out why the Undine have an interest in it.

Be careful. When the Enterprise-D was in the area, it reported that the composition of the clouds may screen opponents from your sensors.

Sub-missions[edit | edit source]

  • Valorous Conduct
  • Refined Behaviour
  • Hide and Seek
  • Lost and Found

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Valorous Conduct[edit | edit source]

Head to the Lackey System in the Sirius Sector Block. Begin the mission.

On warping in, read the dialogue and dispatch the two Vishap Frigates. Then follow the dialogue and talk to the Valor. Opens new task to collect Decalithium Crystals.

Head to the areas marked on your mini-map and interact to collect them. Once done a Gorn ship arrives threatening the Valor. Head back and defend her. Take out the Tuatara Cruiser, and then deliver the ore to the Valor.

Once done, you are told that if you want to go into the Paulson Nebula, you'll need an engine boost; visit Lackey III for help. Warp to Lackey III.

Refined Behaviour[edit | edit source]

On warping in, you are informed the Gorn are already here and you need to recover the Decalithium Destroy the defending ship and close on the mining facility. Attempt to beam up the Decalithium; transport fails, you must take out the jamming station.

Beam spatial charges onto the jamming station. You'll have to take out another Tuatara Cruiser either before or after you beam the charges down.

Once done, you'll be able to beam the Decalithium up from the station. Head there and do that. Now you can go to the Paulson Nebula.

Hide and Seek[edit | edit source]

On warping in you're told you need to scan all high density objects. Carry on. The second objective from your position will have three Klingon Birds of Prey near it. Eliminate them and scan the satellite.

The next area has a Raptor Escort and the "Enormous Asteroid" is surrounded by mines, so be careful. Eliminate the Raptor and the mines and scan the asteroid.

You're told it's surrounded by a minefield (Doh!) and you need to beam down. The minefield is constantly regenerating, so just beam down.

Lost and Found[edit | edit source]

You beam in with Klingons in front of you. Dispatch them. Take your first right (nowhere else to go) and eliminate the Klingon around the corner. Go round the next corner and there are three more at the top of the ramp; eliminate them.

Head through the door. There are three more Klingons in range inside the door. Once dealt with head down the ramp in the middle under the raised area (directly ahead of the door you came in) and interact with the console to "Transmit Data".

Now you have to defend the Computer Core from Klingon attackers until the upload is complete. Time, number, and strength of Klingon attackers are dependent on rank/level/replay.

Once the upload is complete, dialogue comes up for you to depart system. Do so if you're ready. Once onboard ship the mission completes. Hail Starfleet to complete.

Mission Completion[edit | edit source]

On leaving the asteroid and beaming back to your ship, the mission is complete and rewards are collected on hailing Starfleet.

Leads to Stop The Signal