Mission: Hidden Camera/Walkthrough

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...I don't have a lot of time...

I've hidden a recording near where you first arrived on New Romulus...

Find it...


The player will receive an anonymous message telling them where to find a hidden security recording on New Romulus. The location is indicated on the mini-map; it is near the northernmost part of the Staging Area, marked by a plant along the city's walls between the city doors and the cliff.

Upon discovering the recording, the player reviews it:

Recording[edit | edit source]

Proconsul D'Tan is working at his desk in his office. An aide comes in.

  • Aide:
I'll be going now, unless you need anything else. Do you want me to bring you something to eat?

D'Tan is tired. He clearly has a lot on his mind.

  • D'Tan:
No ... no, thank you. I'll see you in the morning.

The aide bows and walks out. D'Tan leans back in his chair, exhausted. Suddenly, we hear a transporter activate somewhere off-screen. D'Tan apparently doesn't notice it, until...

  • Khiana:
Proconsul, may we speak?

D'Tan whirls around. A female Romulan has transported into the office; she wears the uniform of a Tal Shiar operative.

  • D'Tan:
How did you get in here?
  • Khiana:
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Subcommander Khiana, and I represent ... certain individuals interested in the future of the Romulan people.

D'Tan isn't impressed.

  • D'Tan:
Don't patronize me. You mean the Tal Shiar.
  • Khiana:
If you want to be blunt, yes.
  • D'Tan:
What do you want, Subcommander?
  • Khiana:
An agreement that will benefit us both. You agree to allow us to ... advise you on the governing of this colony, and in return we will do all we can to assist you with any complications that arise.

D'Tan sounds amused.

  • D'Tan:
You want to play kingmaker. I'm no king, and deals made in the dark never end well. If you want to open negotiations, contact my office during business hours.

Khiana leans over the desk.

  • Khiana:

You know as well as I do that would be pointless. There's too much bad blood, and the Federation and the Klingons would never agree. I'd be lucky to leave the negotiations alive.

Hakeev's death and the disappearance of the empress has left my organization ... at loose ends. The Tal Shiar needs a strong leader. You have the trust of the Klingons, Starfleet, the Remans ... just imagine what you could do with our help.
  • D'Tan:
Are you trying to bribe me?
  • Khiana:
Merely presenting options. A wise man would see that this is his best ... his only option.
  • D'Tan:
I was instructed by the wisest of men, Subcommander. Spock taught me that openness and truth have more power than secrets. I want all Romulans to unite, even the Tal Shiar. But it can only happen in the light of day.
  • Khiana:
I'll give you time to reconsider.

She steps into the center of the room. Keeping her back turned to D'Tan...

  • Khiana:

We have similar goals, D'Tan. You want to rebuild Romulan power. So do we.

Think about it. We will speak again.

Khiana activates her transporter and beams out. D'Tan is silent for a moment, then leans toward the computer on his desk.

  • D'Tan:
Computer, give me everything we have on the Tal Shiar.

The recording ends there.

Mission complete[edit | edit source]

The mission will not autocomplete. Move out of the area and return to the place you found the recording. You should get a button to submit recording. You can return to this site to review the recording whenever you wish.