Mission: Hearts and Minds/Walkthrough

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  1. Fly to Donatu System in Donatu Sector in the Eta Eridani Sector Block and enter the Donatu Prime Lunar Research Station
  2. Solve the Isolinear Chip Alignment mini game in the smoke before you die to open the next door (wearing an Environmental Suit, [Rebreather Device] or Ability: Medical Generator Fabrication prevents you from dying).
    The minigame can be completed quickly, without additional equipment, using the following sequence: 2 down, right, right, 1 down, override.
  3. Interact with the corpse on the bed in the middle of the room
  4. Interact with the datapad on the ground in the room with the candles to open the next door
  5. Defeat the Regalian Fleaspiders.
  6. Talk to Doctor Sibak and defeat him.
  7. Defeat the clones of Doctor Sibak.