Mission: Friend of My Enemy/Walkthrough

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Chiron System[edit | edit source]

Acquire Medical Supplies[edit | edit source]

Go to Chiron System[edit | edit source]

Travel to the Chiron System in the Sierra System of the Alpha Centauri Sector Block.

Approach the Planet[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

Captain, the medical supplies we need are located in this system. We will need to approach the planet before we can send an away team to the surface.

Approach the planet and then send an away team to collect the supplies.

Beam Down to Base[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

Sir, we are within transporter range of Chiron II.

The away team is waiting in Transporter Room 1, sir.

Transport to Chiron II Outpost and speak with Ekanath Malik about the medical supplies.

You may only take one Bridge Officer on your away team.

Meet with Outpost Quartermaster[edit | edit source]

Speak with Ekanath Malik[edit | edit source]

Ekanath Malik:

Welcome to Chiron II, <rank>!

I hear that you're in need of medical supplies. I've been replicating a variety of drugs I think would be most useful for a Romulan colony. There are several tissue regenerators and a portable stasis unit as well.

Please tell the Romulans to let us know if they need anything else. We want to be good neighbors!

Be careful on your way to Rashana, <rank>. There are some dangerous things going on in that area of space.

Deliver the medical supplies to the Romulan colony on Rashana.

Return to Ship[edit | edit source]

Beam back up to your ship.

Go to Rashana Solar System[edit | edit source]

The Rashana System is in the Bolarus Sector of the Iota Pavonis Sector Block.

Rashana System[edit | edit source]

A Friend in Need[edit | edit source]

Defend the Civilian Ships[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

We have arrived in the Rashana System, Captain.

Sensors are picking up several civilian Romulan ships engaged in combat with the Remans.
Sir, I'm receiving a general distress call from one of the ships, the Sallai. Putting it onscreen now:


Help... please... can anyone hear... under attack...

There are three T'varo Light Warbirds attacking the ship.

Science Officer:

We are being hailed. Putting it onscreen now:


<Shipname>, I require your assistance.

There is a plague in the colony on the planet's surface, and our physicians have been unable to find an effective treatment. I was attempting to lead a convoy to seek help, but the Remans have... other ideas.

Our shields are failing, and I know if my ship cannot withstand many more attacks. We will withdraw to a safe distance and hope the Remans will not follow.

<rank>, if we do not find a cure soon hundreds will die! You must help us!

Defend the Sallai from the Remans

Defeat the Reman Patrol[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

More Reman ships are decloaking, sir.

We cannot beam an away team to the colony until the area is safe.

Engage the Reman reinforcements

Defeat the Mogai Heavy Warbird.

Beam to Planet[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

We are in standard orbit and the area is secure, Captain.

The away team will transport on your command.

Beam down to the surface and investigate the illness afflicting the Romulan colonists.

Outbreak[edit | edit source]

Speak to Outpost Doctor[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

I'm reading multiple Romulan lifesigns, Captain, but many of them are weak. The plague is taking its toll on the population.

I recommend that we find a member of the medical team and see what we can do to assist.

Ask a Romulan physical about the outbreak

Ka'men is standing directly in front of the beam in point.


Thank the Elements! Maybe you can help us!

I'll give you all the information I have. What would you like to know?

What is going on here?

We have an outbreak of an unknown viral agent. More than 47 percent of the population has been affected, and the virus is spreading.

I've done what I can, but I don't have the medical databases or knowledge that a Federation doctor has. And it doesn't help that the Remans shove a disruptor in my face everytime I try to treat one of my patients!

What are the symptoms?

Chills and muscle spasms, followed by fever and a dry cough.

It seems mild at first, but the disease progresses at an alarming rate. Within 36 hours, most patients will be comatose. Organ failure sets in a few hours later.

That's how the virus affects Romulans, anyway. I don't know what it will do to your species.

Please be careful.

What do the Remans want?

I wish I knew. They landed here two weeks ago and started ordering everyone around.

This is a farming colony, <rank>. The closest thing to industry here is my research laboratory.

We have made a conscious choice to stay away from the conflicts that characterize so much of Romulan culture. We want to live simply, and in peace.

That's why we've been open to the Federation. We're glad you're here, and we want to be good neighbors.

After so many years and so many wars, does allegiance to a flag or a monarch even matter anymore? Can't we all just be... people?
How can we help?

You will need to collect three samples from infected civilians. There are some nearby, as well as to the north and south.

When you have what you need, take it to our medical facility, which is on the northwest side of the settlement. We have all the equipment you will need to analyze the samples and create a treatment.

Gather samples from infected civilians

Collect Samples (3)[edit | edit source]

Scanning the civilians may succeed or fail.


Science Officer:

The tricorder can't get a clear reading, sir.

Perhaps we should try another patient.


Science Officer:

This sample is pure enough for analysis, sir.

Adding it to the database now, Captain.

Enter Lab Complex[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

We have enough samples of the contagion, sir.

There is a medical lab in the research station that we should be able to use to fabricate a cure.

Take the samples to the medical lab "located in the Northwest corner of the map" and create a treatment for the outbreak.

You will have to fight your way into the different labs to 1st analyze, 2nd refine, 3rd create antidote and finally fight your way back out of the lab.

The Cure[edit | edit source]

Prepare Antidote Components[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

Captain, we will need to refine the samples to create a pure copy of the contagion, and I recommend that we run a complete biospectral analysis on the samples.

Once we have the results, I think we will have enough data to formulate a treatment for the colonists.

Sir, there are Reman lifesigns in the research facility. They may try to stop us from helping the colonists.

Refine and analyze the samples, and then use data to create a cure.

Refine Samples[edit | edit source]

The equipment to refine the samples is located in the room on the left.

Science Officer:

The samples have been refined, sir. We have a pure sample of what is making the colonists sick.

The readings are odd, though ... this doesn't look like a normal disease. It's almost as if it was engineered.

Run Biospectral Analysis[edit | edit source]

The equipment for the analysis is located in the room on the right.

Science Officer:

I have the results of the biospectral analysis, Captain.

This is an airborne contagion, but it has been altered to be much more virulent than normal. However, I think the Remans would be immune.

Someone went to a lot of effort to create this disease. If they weren't outlawed by every race in the quadrant, I'd say we're looking at a bioweapon.

Formulate a Treatment[edit | edit source]

Use the console in the last room.

Science Officer:

Captain, we have a treatment that should help the Romulan colonists.

We should be able to replicate enough for everyone, and then I'll load it into hyposprays.

Find Ka'men and update him on your progress.

Exit the Lab[edit | edit source]

Fight your way back to the entrance.

House Call[edit | edit source]

Speak to Outpost Doctor[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

Captain, incoming message from the <shipname>.

Tactical Officer:

Sir, more Reman ships have arrived in the system.

They decloaked long enough to transport troops to the planet's surface, but have taken no other hostile action.

It's quiet up here now, but it may not stay that way.


Have you had any luck with your samples? Do you have a treatment?

What is the current situation?

Things keep getting worse.

Reman forces have beamed down, and they say they're taking control of the colony. I can't be dodging Remans and trying to treat my patients at the same time!

Everything I do is ineffective, and we've had two people lapse into comas. Time is running out.

It's safe to go back into the research lab.

That's good news, but I'm not ready to retreat into a hole.

I'm staying with my patients until the problem is solved.

Do you know anything about the Remans in the lab?

I wouldn't be surprised if they were the cause of all this trouble!

<rank>, we need your help. You can't let the Remans take control of this settlement. I don't know what will happen to my patients if they do.
We have developed a treatment.

I need to alert the other settlements on the planet about the danger from the bioweapon and make sure they have stockpiles of the treatment you created, but I won't leave until the people out here are safe.

If you could distribute the antidote to the patients here, we can put a stop to this madness.

Treat the Romulans and stop the spread of the bioweapon.

Heal Civilians (9)[edit | edit source]

Travel around and find three sets of three ill civilians, guarded by Remans.

Beam to Ship[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

That's the last of the Remans who transported to the colony, sir, and all of the patients have been treated.

I recommend we return to the <shipname>. They could have some trouble from the ships in orbit.

Return to your ship.

Reman Opposition[edit | edit source]

Defeat the Reman Ambush[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

Welcome back Captain. We're on yellow alert, but we're worried about the...

Incoming hail, sir. It's the Remans.


You should not have meddled in our affairs, Starfleet.

Surrender your ship now, and perhaps I will permit your crew to live out the rest of their miserable lives as slaves in our mines. You, however, will not be as fortunate.

Destroy the I.R.W. Xatos.

Depart System[edit | edit source]

Science Officer:

Captain, Ka'men reports that the treatment is working and that all of the ill colonists are expected to make a full recovery.

If the Remans were experimenting with a bioweapon, they won't be able to continue their work here. With any luck, the Remans will abandon the project now that it has been exposed.

Depart System

Report to Starfleet[edit | edit source]

Admiral T'nae:

Thank you for your assistance, <rank>.

It may take many years to win over the Romulans in this manner, but I see Ambassador Spock as our example.

He was willing to spend years on Romulus attempting to convince the Romulans that reunification with the Vulcans was the right choice. He was lost trying to save them.

Spock shows us that if peace is our goal, no path is too long and no effort too great.